Construction Update #1

As Float Valley moves towards its opening date and construction continues in full force we thought it would be nice to give you a brief walk through on the construction process and show you where we are at right now.

Float Valley Floor Plan

After submitting our building permit to the City of Markham we quickly began looking for which trades we were going to use for the job and getting quotes. While this was happening, we got the unit ready for construction by measuring and spray-painting the layout of the float center on the floor.

Spray Painted Floor

We then called the concrete cutting company in to cut the floor where we needed to place the underground plumbing for the floor and shower drains. They finished the job quickly and also removed the concrete for us.

Concrete Cutting

Since the pipes needed to be laid underneath the concrete (in gravel) we had to dig a foot and a half of gravel and dirt in addition to the concrete cuts. This trench digging was not easy and took us almost 2 days!

Trench Digging

After doing all the cutting and digging the plumbers came in and laid the pipes and setup the drains. When they arrived, we were quite unhappy to find out that some measurements had been done incorrectly and 8 of our floor drains were marked in the wrong spot! So, we had to call the concrete company back again, cut the floor and then dig the area in which the drain needed to be. The plumbers came back, fixed the drain locations and we were ready to cover up the floor.

Installed Drains

After filling the gravel back into the trench, we removed the excess dirt and called the concrete company back. They filled up the floor and we left it to dry for two days.

Dry Concrete

Our next step was to call in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) team and get them to do the ceiling duct work. Using a scissor lift they hung the ducts from the ceiling and attached them to the main heating units located on the roof. It took them about a week and a half of work until we called the framers to come in and start their work.


Framing was by far the coolest part of the experience yet. We could see the walls of the unit come to life in front of our eyes. Within a week, all the studs, tracks and resilient soundproofing for Float Valley were installed.


While this was going on we also had our sign go up. This was a very exciting time for us.


That’s it for our first construction blog post! Check back again in a few weeks for an update. For more information and Grand Opening updates and specials visit,!

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