Construction Update #2

It’s been over a month since our last post and a TON of things have happened at Float Valley! After installing the resilient channels in the walls we proceeded with the framing and added insulation and drywall on one side.

Drywall and Insulation

This took quite some time to do. Once completed, we moved on to dry-walling the ceilings in the lobby/lounge area and making the provisions for our vestibule.


During this time our HVAC progressed quite a bit and we now have A/C and heating at Float Valley. Also, the plumbers installed the fittings for the showers in each of the float rooms.

Plumbing and HVAC

While the walls were open our electrician came in and fished all the wires for power and data so that we wouldn’t need to cut the drywall later on. After that was done, the framers, Matt and Rob boarded up all the walls and sanded them to make them smooth and ready for painting.

Boarding and Sanding

As the drywall progressed it was time for us to start choosing our tiles, colors and other materials. We had daily meetings on site with our Firoz our project manager, Emy our interior designer and various trades so that Float Valley could be crafted to perfection.

After sanding was complete the painters applied our first coat of white paint throughout the center and the sprinkler system was installed. You could almost picture what the final product would be at this point as it really started to take shape!

First Coat Paint

While the painting went on Matt and Rob were working hard to complete the T-Bar ceilings. Around the edge of the T-Bar ceilings they included a small groove to allow LED strip lights to be installed. This will give our members the option to enjoy a color therapy session. The LEDs let you choose from any colour in the rainbow!

T-Bar and LED

Yesterday was our first day of tiling. We decided to start with the float rooms (we are hoping our tanks will arrive shortly). Tiling should continue into the next week or two which will complete the look of the floors and ceilings. While this is happening, the HVAC crew, electricians, plumbers and sprinkler contractors will be back on site to put in the their final touches.

Floor and Ceiling Tiles

Thank you for reading our second construction update! Our hardworking team is eager to finish building Float Valley and hope to be open in July. Stay tuned for more updates and check out our countdown to opening on our website at

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