Announcing The FLO Foundation

We are excited to announce that the FLO Foundation has been established as a limited company in Hong Kong, for the purposes of non-profit fundraising for development of community sponsored software and applications on the FLO blockchain. Since FLO’s inception in 2013, our core team of developers has been maintaining the blockchain and building decentralized, open-source software with the goal of providing free virtual public spaces for all the world to enjoy. Although we are volunteers with no funding or ICO money to support our efforts, we have been building diligently, and 2019 is the year we expect to see the fruits of our efforts.

Thanks to Devon and Amy James and their work on the Open Index Protocol (OIP), the FLO blockchain is now being utilized by publicly listed companies, major universities, and is being piloted by a US county in Wyoming for land records.

The FLO Foundation can be found online at, where we will share our progress and new information related to our efforts, and where our supporters and community members can suggest and help fund software projects that will bring value and utility to FLO. Each individual project will have its own deposit address to which donations can be sent, and once a funding target is reached, we will allocate those funds towards the completion of the project. To begin, we have chosen several projects that we feel will best improve the utility of FLO:

  1. Mobile Wallet
  2. Trezor Support
  3. FLO Blockchain Twitter Bot
  4. Buy Joey a Big Mac

If you’d like to suggest a new project for funding, please make a suggestion on telegram ( or twitter ( We welcome new ideas and development.

We are grateful for your support, and we hope to continue building and delivering exciting new decentralized applications for the world.

Joseph Fiscella and the FLO team