4 atypical Flock hacks

If you’ve been using Flock to fulfill your work communication needs, you’ll definitely be familiar with most of its features and functions. Our growing user base is testament to Flock’s ability to compensate for everything emails can do and everything meetings strive to do.

While there are a world of possibilities with Flock, there are some pretty creative ways in which people have pushed the boundaries of usability, to their advantage. We curated some of the best ones and it makes for a very interesting read…

The Ideal social listening tool

Never before has it been more vital to pay attention to what is being said about your brand in the social scene. Organizations are benefiting from harnessing the power of social media in ways that we’ve never witnessed before. Because of how important it has become to maintain a good social image for your brand, organizations don’t mind spending a bomb for expensive social listening tools.

But how do listen to social chatter in an organized fashion? How do you get to know of all the noise surrounding your brand without breaking a sweat or breaking the bank?

Flock has your answer. Completely hassle free!

Your very own social listening tool.

Flock lets you plug in to popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and stay on top of your game. Read everything people are saying about you or your competitors on Twitter right on Flock. You can even hold discussions on all of this in the same group. It’s really That simple.

Plug and Play your favorite apps with Flock

Browse the Flock App Store for the full list of tools you can plug into here.

Manage your personal life

Plenty of lifestyle publications often cover office Do’s and Don’ts.

A major point of reflection in every single one of these articles is how to create a Zen like balance between your personal life and professional life. And that’s just it — You CAN manage both and not look like a stressed 50 year old in your 20s. Here’s how Flock can help.

Got to pick up groceries after work? Let the Reminder Bot leave you a gentle message.


Deciding on which phone to buy? Get opinions via polls from the best tech heads around in office.

Opinion Polls

Unleash your inner Shakespeare

Let’s admit it. At one point or the other, most of us have aspired to either write a book, or have one written by someone else about us. However, writer’s block often ends us bringing those dreams to a crashing halt. We try to feed ourselves self constructed distractions that are just plain lies! No, procrastination is not going to make you famous. And yes, we know you want to be famous.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started! Write a page a day, and get it reviewed by your peers (or your idol) using Flock’s share note feature.

Or just keep a journal. Talk about people, things or simply the weather to a friend in a note. You never know when that idea you pen down can be the start of something monumental.

Start working on side projects

burnout (n): physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress.

We’re a strange generation in many ways. We grow up investing every square acre of our mind and body trying to get that perfect job; the job that appeals to our mental and financial needs. And then after a lot of hustle, we land one.

Win moment? Maybe not so much.

A couple of years into the coveted job, and we’re tired out. We’re just not into it anymore. The sign that Friday starts exciting you more than Monday is the first alarm.

Beginning a new job is the easy part. Sticking to one for years to come is difficult. And that’s where we start losing ourselves. We give up hobbies and then complain about not having enough time to do things that make us happy. And that book you promised to finish reading? That’s literally become a pile of books gathering dust in a corner.

There are several ways, of course, to avoid the phenomenon of office burnout. The most effective of them are:

A. Communicate Light

Lighten your conversations. The following might help you understand this point better.

And then there’s this…

Interesting right?

B. Invite your pals to review your code

For those of us working ‘under the hood’, websites can now be built about anything; from travel journals, to food adventures around the city, to just about whatever makes you happy.

Setup a repository on Github and invite your friends to help you perfect your code. You get notifications on Flock every time someone makes a change. Browse the App Store to see all the possibilities you can rediscover.

After all, you weren’t born to pay bills and die, were you? ;)

We’d love to know how Flock made things easier for you at work. Let us know in the comments below. :)

-Authored by Shivangi Gautam, Wordsmith at Flock