5 customer service tools for smart businesses

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Customers are kings, queens and everything for your business. Credit: Pexels

When I first heard of it, customer relationship management (CRM) sounded suspiciously like business management jargon. And my experience with Siebel CRM and SharePoint was so frustrating, the less I talk about it the better.

Today, thankfully, times have changed. As the SaaS economy gains steam, businesses are working hard to improve customer retention. And a new generation of customer service (CS) tools are helping organizations create great customer experiences — as easily as possible.

Pre-sales and after-sales support, live chat, knowledge base, and customer engagement — whatever your need, there is a tool that makes it a less painful process for everyone involved.

Here are some customer service tools for businesses of all sizes that I’ve used and liked, listed in no particular order. Try them out, overhaul your customer experience and increase customer lifetime value for your business.


The biggest and baddest of them all, Zendesk can transform your customer service operations. It can overhaul your support knowledge base, help your team work more efficiently, generate insightful reports, and turn your customer interactions into success stories.


Freshdesk helps streamline customer conversations, automates repetitive tasks, and helps your team deliver exceptional support. It also offers a bunch of tools for businesses of all sizes with options for live chat, email support as well social media customer care.


Intercom simplifies customer messaging. You can chat with customers directly from your app/website, offer ready-to-use advice, and resolve issues quickly. With a suite of tools to fit every customer interaction need, Intercom is a leader in live chat support solutions for a reason — they make it easy.


Drift claims to turn your web traffic into sales meetings. While I have seen businesses use it for lead generation, I’ve also seen it being used for support operations with great results. Intercom finally has a competitor for live chat in Drift, and that’s a good thing for users — your support teams and your customers. Drift has a FREE tier so you can try it out and upgrade to one of their paid plans for more features.


Kayako brings all your customer support channels together, making it easier to manage and increase efficiency. It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a customer service tool — ticketing, activity streams, live chat, multiple language support, and more. One killer feature is the ability to create knowledge bases — a public one for your customers and a private one for your help desk folks.

Go ahead, try them and see which of these tools work best for your organization. Know of any interesting customer service tools that I haven’t covered? Let me know in the comments below.

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