5 office pranks for April Fool’s Day

If you love goofing around and playing pranks on people, the most fun day of the year is here — April Fool’s Day!

But having fun shouldn’t be elaborate or need a lot of work. Which is why we’ve put together a list of quick and dirty pranks that are guaranteed to crack up your teammates.

Who moved my deadline?

If you lead a team, this one’s for you.

Ping the newest member of your team, saying: ‘Hey, the client meeting scheduled for next week is going to be at 6:00 pm today. Please make sure that everything is ready.’

Watch this action for half a day:

And then spill the beans and see the panic drain away. Some people work better under pressure, you see. ;)

They did what to the offsite?

If there’s one thing you don’t mess with — it is a team offsite.

For this prank, call your troops and tell them that this year’s offsite stands cancelled. See these expressions for a couple of minutes…

before saying… #justkidding.

Weren’t we having donuts?

This prank hits at the most basic human need — no, not love, it’s sugar!

Announce that you’ve got donuts for everyone. Hand over the boxes, but replace the donuts with salad! And wait for it:

Cheap thrills guaranteed!

Wait, this isn’t a theme party?

Everyone gets excited about office parties, which is what makes this prank epic!

Tell everyone in your department to dress up as their favorite superheroes for an office theme party. Watch them troop in like this:

Only to be met with stares from everyone else in your company. They’ll wish they had the superpower to disappear, right then!

Congratulations! Where’s the treat?

If you’ve got a best friend at work, this is the perfect stunt.

Start a rumor that your best friend is getting married pretty soon. When people start lining up to congratulate him or her, cherish this confused look:

When they finally turn to you, own up to the mischief. They might want to kick you in the gut, but this could also be one of your best moments together.

Tell us if these pranks worked or if you pulled off a better one!