5 presentation tools for smart briefings

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Over the past decade or two, no matter which business I was in or what work I did, I had to use two inevitable tools of the trade. I’m talking about spreadsheets and presentations — the bane of corporate minions (and non-corporate types) everywhere!

First, there was Lotus Notes. Then, there was the Microsoft Office suite — Excel and Powerpoint, and then some of us moved to Apple’s Keynote software for slides, thanks to Steve Jobs’ reality-distorting ‘one more thing’ catchphrase. Sometime later, some started using Google Sheets and Slides to show our work as reports and presentations — mostly because they were free and web-based options.

When it comes to presentations, we’ve come a long way from bullet point slides with tacky SmartArt and Mr. Clippy’s always-here-to-help avatar. Today, you can choose from some new and some not-so-new products on the market, to make presentations easier to make and, well, present.

I’ve used quite a few of these new-kid-on-the-block tools and here are the best of the lot, listed in no particular order. Give them a shot and see how easy it is to create great presentations on PCs, iPads, and even on smartphones!

Prezi Next

Prezi was one of the first new players on the “dynamic presentation” bandwagon and now they are back with Prezi Next. Prezi makes it easy for everyone, even non-designers, to create beautiful interactive presentations. Add in powerful analytics, and you can now track how many people viewed your presentation and from where!

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck offers tons of templates to create pro-level presentations. No more worrying about layouts, fonts and images for your next presentation. Login to Haiku Deck and start building slides for virtually any use case. The best part? You can create presentations in a browser and on an iPad/iPhone.


A bit simplistic for some but the power of a great deck on SlideShare is not to be underestimated! Thought leaders across the world are congregating on LinkedIn, and sharing presentations on SlideShare. Posting your slides on SlideShare makes it easy to share them with anyone and everyone. A LinkedIn company, SlideShare is a fantastic platform for those company culture decks too.


Slidebean’s USP is “Pitch deck templates for startups” and they live up to it. Their templates are based on examples of successful pitch decks from around the world, helping you set up your next pitch deck for similar success. They take care of the design too so all you need to work on is content. And they have analytics too.


Microsoft’s stab at creating a new software for presentations, Sway has a few things going for it. It can be used for presentations, newsletters, interactive stories and more. Ease of use, shareability, and subtle transitions — Sway can actually sway even the non-office crowd!

Go ahead, try them all and see which one works for you the best. Know of any interesting presentation tools that I haven’t covered? Let me know in the comments below.

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