5 stock image resources for smart marketers

A thousand words in every image! #SmartToolsForYou

Let’s find some great images! Credit: Pixabay and Unsplash

Once upon a time… finding the right image(s) for your book covers, blog articles or social media posts was a tricky affair. One had to go through numerous stock photo resources, and often, the best images would involve royalties or some kind of licensing fee. I remember spending a few days trying to get in touch with a friend who I knew had a subscription to one of the biggest stock photo sites — all for one measly photo (an amazing one though) that perfectly illustrated my article about influencer marketing.

Not anymore. Today, there are quite a few good Samaritans in the market turning the “no free lunches” maxim on its head. Thanks to generous contributions from pro and amateur photographers all over the world, finding a great image for your needs is now easy and, more often than not, free!

Here are a few cool stock image resources, listed in no particular order, for smart marketers, designers and, well, everyone in need. I can vouch for them because I’ve used images from all these sources at one point or the other, and I’ve never had to pay for them.


Over a million images and videos. Period. Use them for anything and well, everything. I could start and end this list of great stock image resources right here, and you’d be covered. Pixabay is the king of this jungle. Oh, and they also have vector graphics and illustrations.


The cool kid on the block, that’s Unsplash for you. With contributions from members across the world, the list of fabulous visuals on this site keeps growing to serve every need imaginable. They also have an API for developers to source images from their collection and use them in any kind of product.


Pexels offers high quality stock photos under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license — completely free! Their collection is nicely tagged and searchable, so the next time you need a great visual, go ahead and search your way to glory!


Another comprehensive collection of curated high quality photos to serve every need, StockSnap lets you copy, modify, and distribute their photos — no conditions attached! In other words, they share great photos that you can use for your projects under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.


Powered by the folks at Shopify, Burst is a free stock photo site that has thousands of royalty-free images for your projects. Like almost every other resource on this list, you can do as you wish with these photos, though a credit to the original photo page is always appreciated.

A Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license means you can use the image as is, or modify it. You can use it for personal projects or commercial ones. You can choose to credit the source, or not. Zero obligations. I recommend adding a credit link to the photo whenever you can.

Go on, find some great images for your next project that complement your content, and have fun. Know of any interesting stock image resources that we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments below.

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