Basics of Integrations: Flock and GitHub

Continuing with our theme of new additions to the Flock App Store, our focus for today is the GitHub app integration. GitHub is a critical tool for developers and over time, has evolved from being just another version control tool to a vast social network for the developer community.

Integrating GitHub app into Flock bridges the gap between your activities on GitHub and the very important timely notifications of the same, that you require.

Where do I start?

In just a couple of steps, your GitHub app in Flock is ready to take off. This is how:

  • Select the repository you’re going to be receiving notifications from
  • Choose the events that will be posted on Flock
  • Pick the group that gets these notifications.

What’s in store for me?

Be notified about all important issues, commit events, and pull requests

With the Flock-GitHub integration, you no longer need to login to GitHub for the key updates. Flock sends you real-time notifications on all the Commit events relevant to you, including Commit pushes, comments on a Commit, and forking of repositories. Further, you can choose to get notified on any issues and pull requests, as well as comments on these.

Receive instant updates when a branch or tag is created or deleted

You can also choose to get notified about other events, including when someone creates a new Branch or tag.

Ground Zero

We’ve put together some handy blog posts on how to get started with integrating Apps in Flock. Get a quick download here.

Also, read about how we integrated Twitter and Trello app in Flock, and it worked wonders.

Let us know in comments about how you’re getting your work done faster with these apps.