Behind the Business — Flock’s Unsung Heroes

9:00 a.m.
I’d come in early to get a head start on work at the Flock office. In the peace and tranquility that only an empty office can afford, I was trying my best to get my best work done. But I was failing miserably; sleep was winning this battle, and I was quickly realizing the value of that morning cup of pick-me-up. Catch 22 situation though…my options were either waste time going down to the cafe to get that coffee, or waste time trying and failing to get work done without said coffee.

10 a.m.
An hour had gone by and I had barely read through two emails. Just as I was about to give in and take a quick snooze, there was a knock on my cabin door, and I looked up to see a familiar smiling face — the butler on our floor. He greeted me with a quick “Namaste, Sir!” and handed me a steaming hot cup of coffee. “Kadak, aur cheeni kum, Sir. Jaise aapko pasand hain.”, he said with a smile that split his face nearly into two. Strong with less sugar, just the way I like it. In that moment, I was so incredibly grateful, I could’ve hugged the guy. As it turned out, he had come in and saw me in my comatose daze, and decided I could use a coffee. Without me even asking for it.

More often than not, we take the support staff in our organizations for granted. Butlers, cooks, cleaners, drivers, delivery boys, and admin staff flit about the office premises all day, making it their business to ensure that we can go about your business without having to worry about the finer details. Our drivers that drive the workforce to and from office. Security guards that make sure the company and its property is kept safe. Chefs that cook the most incredible food to satiate appetites, and make sure we’re not running on empty, and the faithful team of butlers that ensure that the food reaches desks, while it’s still steaming hot.

The world of business understands that the greatest resource a company can have is it’s people. But what is often ignored is the support staff that work behind the scenes to ensure that the show goes on, come what may. If the organization’s backbone is its people, then the support staff is the spinal cord — the fibre that runs through the core of the company and enables…nay, empowers the workforce to do its job. Imagine a day without these guys, and you’ll know just why they make your world at work go round. And while we receive appreciation on a job well done, very often they have to toil day in and day out, with little to no thanks for all their efforts.

So this International Labor day, we raise our hats to our support staff here at Flock. For all the efforts they put in to make sure our 9 to 5’s are a walk in the park, we’d like to say thank you. I’m going to spare a thought for the butler that has to go up and down 8 floors every day a hundred times over, because I want a hot cup of tea. Or because I need someone to fill my water bottle, and I’m too overworked (or lazy) to get out of my cabin. I’m going to reach out to the cook who toils over a hot flame to cook me a steaming hot plate of pasta marinara. And the driver that takes me across town at 1 in the morning to my home in Colaba before returning to his family across the city in Thane. I’m reaching out to tell each of these guys just how easy they make my work day. And although I often forget to say thank you, I’d like them to know how much I actually appreciate the efforts they put in.

Because long before we come to work, and long after our eight hour work day is done, they’re still here, slogging on the sidelines, making sure we can do our jobs to the best of our ability.

I’d love for you to join me in saying thank you to these unsung heroes at work, no matter what you do or which company you work for. This International Labor Day, reach out to your support staff and say thank you for their efforts. And maybe take some time out to do something for them, or just to listen to the stories they have to tell.

You never know…you might just make their day!

-Authored by Dean Fernandes, Wordsmith at Flock