Boost your productivity: 6 tech tools for every entrepreneur

Pratik Dholakiya
Jun 5, 2018 · 5 min read

Entrepreneurs are busybodies, who often have several things to do every day. And like everyone else, they have only 24 hours in a day.

But thanks to technology, entrepreneurs can cut down on the time they spend on most tasks and finish them more efficiently. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the top tech tools that can help entrepreneurs get more done, each day.


When you plan your entire day by breaking it up into smaller chunks, you can think clearly and move from one task to another. Notion is an app that helps you schedule your entire day, down to every single minute. This tool helps simplify your workflow and seamlessly integrates with the tools you most frequently use. As a result, you have more time to dedicate to important projects with your team, sans any context switching. When it comes to boosting your productivity, the app’s unique editor helps you stay organized.

Moreover, this four-in-one tool offers an amazing writing experience to jot down your tasks and notes, with as many as 30+ media types on its interface.


If you’re looking for a non-fussy tool that needs minimal training to get started with, look no further than Meistertask. It’s touted as one of the most intuitive collaboration and task management tools out there. All you have to do is sign up, invite the team, and get working.

The tool also integrates with MindMeister, which is an online mind-mapping platform. You can brainstorm with your team in real-time and glance over your schedule for the entire day, via the tool’s impeccable, customizable dashboard. Oh, and you can also create visual plans for your project(s) using the app.

The best part? Meistertask comes with an instant communication platform for you to discuss projects and tasks with the team without any fuss.

The app also integrates with other apps like Zendesk, Box, Google Drive and Dropbox, along with other add-ons and power features to save on time.


When you want to gather your entire team and essential tools under one roof, Flock is the only app you’ll need! The app lets you discuss projects, brainstorm new ideas, and get work done in real time.

You can use the in-built tools or integrate third-party apps (over 60+) with Flock to collaborate easily with your team and manage everything from one place, without switching tabs! For instance, devs can integrate the GitHub app with Flock and navigate repositories, share content, and do so much more from within the app. You can find a complete list of third-party apps on the . You can even build your own apps and integrations by using the Flock API.


If you’re in-charge of hiring employees, or managing employee data and files, KinHR is the tool to rely on. The tool lets you collect and organize long strings of crucial employee data, such as employment documents, addresses and other information that you can enter in the custom fields. Moreover, you can use it to simplify and store complex paperwork by creating and signing everything online. It also helps you manage employee time offs, company holidays, and other events with a team calendar. The tool lets you integrate your data with payroll or executive reports.

The tool’s hire onboarding feature is what we like the most. It makes onboarding smooth for the new hire and the hiring team by offering task management, customized welcome pages, and digital signatures. At the same time, you can also use it to schedule and organize meetups, and sign off on employee reviews and objectives, thereby speeding up the feedback process.


Bring back the 80’s and the 90’s with Voxer, which is a sort of walkie-talkie app that helps you instantaneously communicate with your business partners, employees, and colleagues, even on the go. It connects with your wired or hands-free headsets. You can use it to easily send and receive live or recorded voice messages, text messages, and multimedia (including gifs and location) to individuals or an entire team. Don’t prefer listening to audio messages? You can use the Voice-to-Text transcription and get a written copy of messages.

All in all, the tool makes communicating with remote teams more efficient than ever, even if your team has up to 500 members. The tool lets you store unlimited messages and access the entire history at one go. Moreover, you can easily recall and delete the entire message history if needed. Voxer also offers end-to-end encryption in its Private Chats feature.


Harvest is a time-tracking app that lets you create time blocks to plan your day. You can use the app to record the exact timeframe for each of your tasks. In essence, the app will help you take an informed decision if you’re working as a consultant or are billed on an hourly basis. This creates an environment of fair and transparent pricing, accounting for all your productivity hours. The tool is integrated with and this allows it to learn exactly how much time each activity will be completed in. This way, it can also predict timelines for upcoming projects and help you manage time better.

We absolutely love the app’s Daily Time Sheet View and Weekly Time Sheet, which have you covered for the entire week. Apart from just tracking time, the app lets you track your expenses in a heartbeat. Now that’s one productivity app worth trying!


As an entrepreneur, you often have to juggle between various tasks and wear multiple hats, all at the same time. Don’t let this diminish your productivity in any way. Pick and choose from these tools and boost your and your team’s productivity like never before! Use any tools you’d like to recommend? Let us know.

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