Break free from emails


Have your emails started to look a lot like this?

Emails lead to asynchronous communication for brainstorming sessions, approvals or feedback. With an internal communication tool in place, all of this can happen in real time, and a lot faster.

Flock provides a simple, instant communication platform for teams and businesses. Flock lets you create project, location or interest specific groups to discuss ideas with your team. Moreover, you can communicate with anyone, from anywhere and with conversations synced across devices, you can pick them up right where you left off.

Sharing documents was never this easy. Just ‘Drag and Drop’ all kinds of files and receive instant response on projects, drafts and designs. Even better, get your clients on-board and instantly get feedback or approvals.

And if that wasn’t enough, Flock’s blazing fast search makes sure you don’t have to dive into a pool of messages to fetch that one important document or information.

So go ahead, and break free from countless threads of emails with Flock.