Deliver excellent customer service and gain brand loyalists

How Flock can help customer support teams solve problems faster!

We’ve been hearing ‘customer is king’ for decades and we couldn’t agree more. And boy, are customers costly! Do you know that it costs about 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one? And that bad customer service negatively affects the bottom line?

Enter customer service teams — the team that listens to customers’ problems, maintains good relations with customers, and increases satisfaction levels.

Zendesk, a popular customer service software, describes the challenges of the job well.

Customer service involves much more than having a conversation on the phone. Responding to tickets over email, live chat, and social media are equally important communication channels for customers.

And, as the number of customer contact points increases, managing them only gets tougher for the team.

Even in such a scenario, a customer support team can succeed if it has the following:

  • Simple processes;
  • Fast communication between team members; and
  • Easy access to information like tickets raised, product features, specs, templatized answers, etc.

While setting up a lean and efficient process is up to you, team collaboration app Flock can help your team communicate with ease, share information & files instantly, and solve customer queries faster.

We resolve customer issues immediately via Flock. It really is an efficient tool that makes our daily activities fast and simple — Mabiya Khan, Support Head, Drivezy

Here’s how Flock helps customer support teams work faster:

You can get notifications in one single place/tool

  • You can integrate your customer service tool, such as Zendesk or Freshdesk, with Flock and receive notifications regarding tickets or issues raised on your website, social media platform or landing pages, in real time. Having a single tool to receive notifications, perform actions, and collaborate with your team will help you speed up ticket management, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.
  • You can also integrate other customer support tools with Flock via IFTTT or Zapier, and manage everything from within Flock.
  • If you use project management apps like Jira, you can integrate them with Flock and manage team projects with efficiency. You’ll get real-time notifications of new tasks, tasks assigned to you, or completed tasks — all within Flock.

You can find information easily

When customer service reps work together on tickets, answers are delivered in a more efficient manner. The rep with the expertise to address the issue can either handle the ticket personally, or assist other reps to produce an answer extremely fast. Flock makes this possible with instant messaging and channels. Here’s how:

  • You can create a channel and add your customer service reps & product team reps and get the correct response to customer queries or bug reports, without having to ask around.
  • You can share important documents like product features, specs & updates via the Google Drive app in Flock in a channel. After all, a well-informed team can respond better to queries and complaints.
  • You can also share Flock notes with templatized answers to queries and bug responses in a channel.
Flock Tip: Pin messages, documents, and notes to Files in the channel, so every time Jack or Amy need a particular note, they can find it easily and not have to scroll through the entire chat.

You can get everyone to pitch in and build a great product

  • A product is best marketed when it’s employees swear by it. So why not get your team to use the product and share feedback.
  • Set up a Product Feedback channel where your entire team can share experiences, leave comments, highlight bugs or simply share some claps.
  • Huddle with different departments every month to discuss product performance. Invite your teammates for meetings via the Google Calendar app in Flock. They can accept or decline invites from within Flock and receive reminders 5 mins before the meeting.

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