5 Fun ways to ace at your workplace

There used to be times when office work would traditionally require you to stick to your computer screens; craning your neck occasionally to take a sip from the bland tea that is getting cold. However, we all know it’s gone for a spin now.

To get noticed at work and stand out among the hundred others like you, you have got to up your game. Be a little edgier with the way you work and stand out of the crowd.

Team Flock helps you decode the mystery behind building a super rep at work.

  • Still running around asking people in different teams for their opinions on a big launch? Act smart and act out of your comfy chair. Or your bean bag, in our case. *wide grins* Create polls and record opinions on Flock group from just about anywhere in the world. Among one of the most loved features, polls are sure to make you a hero at work.
  • Unlike high school days when being up to date with things was not very cool, adult life comes with a lot of surprises for the nerds among us. While everyone is scouting for scores and news on the internet or the newspaper, with just one webhook integration, you get instant news updates on Flock.
  • Not that we promote any sort of unhealthy behaviour, but there’s actually a lot you can do without moving an inch off your chair. Coordinating with colleagues sitting in a different part of the city, or the world is never going to get easier than this. Catch them over video conference on Flock via appear.in integration in one (yes, ONE!) click.

Disclaimer: The gym on our floor is full right now with people making use of all the time we save from running around in the office.

  • For the many of us who’re a little socially awkward — or as we like to call it, selectively social — giphys are a lifesaver. Because, how else do you express being appreciated by boss in the meeting if not with a dancing cat?
  • For one to have a successful stint at the place you spend 9 or more hours at, you have got to be extraordinary EVERY DAY. Set reminders, if you may but never forget to get your Mojo on. For more important purposes, setting reminders and to-dos can help you remember tasks that may have skipped you or your team in the long haul.

If you do what you’re doing with utmost dedication, finding newer ways to be creative, there’s never a dull day at work. Stay enthused and always be willing to learn more. And then a little more. ;)

-Authored by Shivangi Gautam, Wordsmith at Flock