Flock Channel is live on IFTTT

Get the most out of Flock by connecting your favorite apps and devices

We are stoked to announce that Flock is now an exclusive channel on IFTTT.

IFTTT, a popular service, automates tasks between two apps. When connected, one app triggers events either on demand or when a task is completed and the other app takes the action specified by the user.

What’s great about the channel, you ask? Well, the Flock channel enables integrations with more than 250 services and apps. This covers all popular categories of services and apps including:

Blogging, Business, Commerce, Fitness and Apparels, Home-care and Car automation, Lifestyle, Mobile, Music, News and Sports, Photo and Video, Productivity, Social Networking.

You can now be your own chef to create recipes and plug in all your favorite apps into Flock.

We tried our hands at a few recipes ourselves and were delighted with the results.

Weather channel warning us before leaving for work.

7:00 am — “Thunderstorms today! With a high of 91F and a low of 83F. Currently, it's 83F and Thunderstorms outside.”

Better be prepared. ☂️☔️

iOS Location channel triggering each time boss is about to reach office.

10:00 am — “<Boss_name_with_respect> has reached office”

Come on. Let’s get back to workstation. 😇

Daily reminder channel reminding us of stand-up meetings.

12:00 pm — “Time for daily standup. Please come over.”

Don’t forget a thing!

Google calendar channel notifying us before a weekly meeting starts.

4:45 pm — “Google calendar event: Syncup Meeting at 5pm.”

Time to head home post this !

Simple recipes for you to try…

We have over 50 published recipes for Twitter, Gmail, Email, Instagram, GitHub, Flickr, Foursquare, NASA, Google Calendar, Medium, ESPN, Reddit, Trello, Dropbox, Location, Weather and many more.

How can you connect?

Let’s give you those DIY details:

‘Post to group’ action posts a message to a group you choose in Flock.

Step 1: Select a group from drop down list.

Step 2: Text message. This includes variables(or ingredients) from the app that you are connecting with in IFTTT.

Step 3: And most importantly. Smile 😊. You’re done. Go on and hit ‘Create Action’.

What’s still cooking?

‘Post to yourself’ action sends a message to you instead of a group.

This will be pretty useful for notifications you want for yourself and not for a group. Notifications will be sent via IFTTT Bot and will be isolated in a separate chat tab.

A few more developments are in the pipeline and will be out soon to enrich integrations’ experience for users.

Our in-house Chefs

Chefs with recipes for Flock

Time to acknowledge the efforts of all those who willingly created recipes for Flock. Check out our Flock Chefs team.

Shreya Bagaria, Ayush Goel, Kunjan, Abhay Singh, Tabrez Shaikh, Deep Shah, Joshua Dias, Kanishk Kumar and Rishabh Agarwal. Thanks a bunch, folks!

Be your own chef and explore the Flock channel on IFTTT.

-Co-authored by Yatin Sarbalia , Project Lead (iOS) at Flock