Flock power @ CES 2017

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas was absolutely incredible — packed with gadgets, goodies and people going gaga over the latest in the consumer tech world. Team Flock made a big splash at CES and got everyone talking, quite literally!

People fell in love with Flock instantly. And the conversations went beyond work. We were stoked when the attendees created a CES Team on Flock and used us as their communication tool to discuss everything, big and small, during all 5 days of the event.

And when the team started posting the number of steps taken during the day on Flock, we turned it into a fun competition. We were rolling in the good times!

Our booth was bustling with inquisitive attendees who were eager to know how Flock worked best for them. Here’s a glimpse of how we brought the house down at CES 2017.

All eyes and ears for Flock

Not just smiles, we had a whole bunch of goodies for our visitors to take home.

Goodies up for grabs

Here are some of the lucky winners of the contest we ran.

Kim Delaney wins an Anker Powerbank
Kenny is all smiles with the Amazon Echo Dot

Summing up the cheer we gathered on social media:

Our social media love!

With that, it’s a wrap!

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