When enough is not enough

Personal messaging tools are no longer viable for business communication!

You are a business professional. Someone who is always busy with a 9:00 to 6:00 work schedule, or even worse. All you want are solutions that help you succeed in your career. Solutions to serve communication needs or get things done faster.

Flock - our enterprise messaging app, is here to help you. Or rather, to empower you to help yourself. If you are a victim of any of the following scenarios or you are hoping not be a victim in the future, try Flock here.

Using personal chat solutions for your official communication

It’s Valentines Day. You were about to forward a lovey-dovey message to your better half, but you accidentally send it to your boss. Probably because all your official contacts were mixed with your personal contacts on your personal IM app. Now you’re not looking forward to Monday because there’s going to be hell to pay.

Email threads take way too long to solve issues

You’ve sent a team mate an ‘Urgent’ email two days ago. The person’s on leave and you haven’t heard back from him yet. Sounds familiar?
Email is no longer the best medium for instant communication. People usually check emails two to three times in a day. They treat email as a means of communication, but don’t let emails hinder their other official tasks. Considering this, email is a good option to have conversations which are meant to be online and are not time sensitive. But what about discussions which are meant to happen in real time?

  • Servers are down: Does anyone know about the cause for this?
  • Can we have a quick video call in 5 minutes?

Do you look like this? Looking at your computer awaiting an email revert. Confused whether recipient has received the email or not? Whether the other person has read it or not? Should you call now?

Conversations meant for real time often start with emails and end with phone calls. But not anymore! Flock is the ideal solution to this quandary.

Tracking vs Alerts

Does you work setup look like this? Is continuously tracking social activities on various channels a part of your job? Are you busy enough to warrant a multi-screen setup or do you settle for continuously switching between multiple apps just to track activities?

Flock is now equipped with webhooks that collate all your notifications on Flock itself. It’s like training Flock to get work done for you. Notifications from multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc will be presented to you on Flock.

No more tracking, get alerts.

This ‘mantra’ leads to increased productivity. Time spent on tracking can be alternatively spent on other tasks, increasing your throughput.

Here are few ways in which people are helping themselves with getting alerts:

Multitasking? Quite a task!

Are you fond of multitasking? If yes, then we are sure you might possess tools or apps that help you with numerous tasks. Tools to save contacts, share notes, surf the internet, video conference, maintain to-dos, conduct surveys etc.

Flock is not just another tool that adds to your long list. It acts as a replacement for many of your other services. It’s the swiss knife of multitasking. Flock provides various features which will help you cope up with your daily work related tasks.

  • Company directory at your fingertips
  • Organize online meetings over video or audio
  • Set tasks and reminders for you and your team
  • Conduct opinion polls

We’re literally harnessing all that power and putting it into the palm of your hand. It’s like having your own PA at work, someone that is happy to perform every single task for you as efficiently as can be imagined!

Try out Flock today.

-Authored by Yatin Sarbalia, Project lead (iOS) at Flock