Flock’s Budget Beat app is here

News and views on the Union Budget, delivered in real time, right within Flock

If you’ve been reading the news, you know that the past few months have been, well, a bit of a roller coaster for the Indian economy. And that’s why most of us are awaiting the biggest economic event of the year — the Union Budget, 2017. Because the budget affects every aspect of our lives.

Well, this year, Flock is going to make it really easy for you to follow the budget in real time — with Flock’s Budget Beat app. Because if it matters to you, it matters to us too.

What is the Budget Beat app?

The Budget Beat app provides authentic, curated news and views on the budget, right within Flock.

You can get the Budget Beat app from the Flock Appstore.

How does it work?

Budget Beat shares all important tweets and updates on the budget. The app also has a Sensex ticker that offers insights on the stock market, including the NSE and BSE.

The Sensex ticker

No need to switch tools to keep a tab on stock market updates. Flock’s got you covered as the Sensex ticker reflects real-time updates on the NSE, the BSE and the stock market, right in the side panel.

The Sensex ticker

News and views on the budget

Want to know what the world has to say about the budget? Read all that’s trending on Twitter about the budget, be it from the finance minister, the PMO or any major national publication, within Flock.

Tweets about the Budget

With the Budget Beat app, we’re making sure you don’t miss anything that impacts your finances for the year.