Making interest groups more interesting

The long weekend is over for most of us here in India and it’s back to the grind. However, here at Flock, the employees of the company have something to look forward to — the annual company wide football tournament that’s due to be played next weekend. And we couldn’t be more excited about it!

However, as with most company wide events that see participation across the board, the tournament requires a ton of planning and coordination, and as always, Flock comes to the rescue. The teams for the tournament are chosen through an auction process, and this year, 9 captains battled it out for the top football talent in the company. At the auctions, captains were in constant touch with the players they bid for through Flock, for everything including advice and tips on picking up the creme de la creme in the company. There was also a group where all participants of the tournament were added which had live results of the auction being posted to it, so that everyone was aware of the latest auction highlights, no matter where they were.

As much fun as the auction process was, however, the real fun begins this week. Each of the nine teams is set to play a set of games or ‘friendlies’, if you will, against the other teams before the actual tournament kicks off. Flock has been of immense help here, helping captains stay in touch with each other and draw out schedules for games through the week. The captains have also been making the most of Flock’s video conferencing features to have virtual team discussions with their teams. Flock’s powerful file sharing capabilities are also being harnessed to share strategies and game-play information. Even Flock’s poll feature has been incredibly helpful, allowing team members to vote on everything from where practice sessions can take place, to which day of the week is most feasible for team meetings.

And it doesn’t stop there! Even our very own sports and events organization committees depend on Flock for logistics and coordination. Interest groups across the company use Flock to allow their members to stay connected, plan events and outings, make quick decisions based on real time information, and basically ensure that events like this one are planned and executed end-to-end with maximum efficiency. Flock has helped HR teams organize offsites for organizations of over 200 people, week long sports tournaments with live scores and updates, cultural events for Indian festivals across the company, and even talent competitions with as many as a hundred people participating. And in spite of all this, we’ve only just scraped the surface…as Flock grows in leaps and bounds and with more functionality added every week, the sky literally is the limit to things you can do…

-Authored by Dean Fernandes, Wordsmith at Flock