Marketing Without Boundaries — How Flock is changing the way Marketing teams work

With the business world realizing the futility of email and the massive turnaround time associated with the sending and receiving of it, there is a void that has been begging to be filled for efficient business communication and collaboration. Teams across companies and business functions have been swiftly making the transition to apps and services that facilitate real-time communication on-the-fly, after coming to terms with the shortcomings of email. In today’s busy, fast pace market ecosystem, even emails with those ‘Urgent: Please respond ASAP’ subject lines often slip through the cracks, and with no better alternatives, organizations end up settling for less than ideal conditions where deadlines are pushed back, work is delayed and the workforce is less than productive all because of a lapse in communication strategy.

This is best manifested in the Marketing vertical, amongst others. The fundamental struggle in marketing teams that work in agencies as well as companies across the globe is to stay on top of things even while on the go, and email just doesn’t cut it. Marketing personnel require to keep track of project related tasks, share creatives and ideas, stay in contact with clients and vendors as well as other teams in the company while on the go, and basically be as agile a business function as possible. While email allows for communication, it often results in a ton of back and forth and is a waste of time, valuable time that a Marketing executive can put to better use. Herein lies the problem.

Enter Flock. Marketing teams in organizations across the country have adopted Flock and have quickly realized just how much it has helped them improve the way they work.

In particular, marketing teams that are constantly on the move have found Flock to be incredibly useful, with some of its features helping them perform some of their day-to-day tasks with ease! With Flock, teams in Marketing can now:

Share Creatives and Ideate from Anywhere: Flock is available across a host of platforms and devices across mobile and desktop. What’s more Flock syncs conversations across all devices, so a user never loses context of the discussions their having. Sharing pictures, documents and other files is as simple as dragging and dropping them into a group. Ideating and creating, even while on the move has never been easier!

Stay in Touch with Clients On-The-Go: Flock’s incredibly rich, slick interface and unparalleled user experience across devices makes it the ideal tool to stay in touch with clients even on the go. Whether it is a quick catch-up meeting about a creative, or a long thread about a project, Flock makes all of it possible. Flock’s incredible Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing capabilities also provide users with the ability to always stay in touch with other team members and clients even when on the go. Flock also enables users to communicate with people (clients and vendors) who are outside of the company domain — a feature that is extremely useful to Marketing teams that work in agencies on multiple accounts at a time. Flock has simplified the entire process of having to deal with multiple client briefs and still stay on top of it all.

Conduct Research and Opinion Polls Instantly: Doing market research, and creating surveys and polls are a core part of a Marketing executive’s job. Flock facilitates the creation of quick polls in groups, and presents the survey data to the user in real time. This is an incredibly powerful tool, especially when you consider that a majority of the surveys currently conducted are sent through emails that are often ignored by the general workforce.

Get Sales Updates and Project Statuses: Flock makes sure that users never lose out on important updates — be it sales related information or statuses on a project from a team member or client. With @Mentions, Flock allows a user to quickly cut through the noise in a group, and draw the attention of a member to the conversation at hand. Gone are the days of looking through long, irrelevant mail trails and conversation threads with no beginning and no end!

The ability to perform tasks even on the go is something that marketers have come to appreciate the most with Flock, an area where email falls short more often than not. Because Flock is available across multiple platforms and devices, and even has a web based app (Chromite), it is an incredibly powerful medium of collaboration. And of course, Flock hasn’t neglected to add a tiny element of fun to cut through the monotony of work life. Flock’s Giphy integration is sure to invoke a laugh or two, allowing users to quickly share an animated gif by simply using a slash command and a phrase. All’s fun and games, until someone gets addicted…

With the advent of smart apps and the rate at which the business world has started to adopt apps and services for their needs, Flock is fast becoming an essential product in every organization. It is only a matter of time before Flock realizes it’s full potential and becomes a market leader in this space. With the incredible increases in productivity and workforce efficiency Flock delivers, its user base is growing in leaps and bounds, and is only set to increase manifold with the offerings that Flock has planned for the future.

Catch Flock at Booth #5 at the IAMAI India Digital Summit on the 9th and 10th of February 2016 at The Lalit, New Delhi.

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