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Taking it in our stride — Welcome HipChat and Stride users

Migrating to Flock is just a click away

Life is unpredictable. But technology should not be. If you’re among HipChat or Stride’s many users, you know what we’re talking about. It can be painful, unsettling and even shocking to be back at the ground zero of evaluating a business messaging app for your team.

Flock is here to help! And to invite you to try us out. After all, we’ve been trusted by over 30,000 teams across the world to help them communicate better at work.

Migrate to Flock and go PRO for free for a year!

If you are an existing Stride or HipChat user, we are extending the Flock Pro plan to you for FREE for an entire year! And we’ve created a nifty migration tool to make the switch super easy. With the tool you can migrate your entire team from HipChat to Flock (including your messages, rooms and users) with just one click. Check out this webpage for all the details or drop us a line at support@flock.com.

Here’s why Flock is the best alternative to HipChat and Stride

Flock was designed from the ground up to work for diverse teams, from you and me to the most tech-savvy devs among us. That’s why Flock takes the best elements of messaging, and makes chat simpler and more accessible for everyone! You can do everything you’re used to — start direct chats, create channels (get a room, Stride!), and share files as easily as ever. It also offers powerful admin controls so that you can set up and manage your team just the way you want.

Your team will feel right at home with Flock’s simple and easy-to-use UI. Oh, and unlimited is the real buzzword here — unlimited users, messages, channels, (and even group video calls, guest accounts and integrations on the Pro plan).

Integrated with all the tools and apps you use to get work done.
We’ve got you covered — choose from dozens of third-party apps (including all the usual suspects) on our app store or integrate any other tool using our webhooks. And with Flock’s powerful API, you can even build apps of your own, which blend seamlessly with the messenger (you’re welcome, devs!).

Andddd it’s all on the cloud, so you get a more secure setup without putting more hands on deck. We’re also available across platforms — Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Android, and iOS.

Flock is secure
At Flock, we follow the best industry practices to make sure that our users’ data is secure — validated by our SOC 2 compliance. All our data is hosted on secure AWS servers, and all traffic between Flock clients and servers is encrypted using TLS 1.2, the industry standard for securing communications over the internet.

Flock has powerful admin controls
Admins can specify users (by their domain) who absolutely cannot join their team.

“We switched from HipChat to Flock and our team has really benefited from the gain in overall speed and productivity their application provides. Flock is faster and is much more thoughtfully designed. The Flock team was also very helpful during the transition and is highly responsive to any issues or feature requests we may have.”

— Richard Kirkendall,
CEO of Namecheap.com, a leading domain name registrar.

No wonder then that PCMag says we are the #1 Slack Alternative!

Here’s what our customers have to say

Wondering how we stack up against Slack or Microsoft Teams? Go check out this webpage and see for yourself, or try out a fun demo here!

Can’t wait to see y’all on Flock!



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