We made it to Crashlytics!

Flock now features on the Crashlytics service hook list

What if there was a ready tool that takes minimal time to detect crashes and leaves you with more time to resolve them? Interesting, right? Well, Crashlytics is one such solution.

Crashlytics is a popular crash reporting and analytic tool, owned by Twitter, that helps in fixing crashes for your iOS and Android apps.

For times when there were unforeseen crashes and your app user wasn’t happy, you would want to make it your top priority to fix it. Crashlytics lets you get up to speed with such instances by sending an email, with a summary of all the vital information relating to the crash. This helps you work on fixing it for good.

However, email by definition doesn’t expect you to be online. Thus it’s vey likely that you end up losing users of your application due to that annoying crash.

We at Flock , got that issue covered for you. No more paying heed to boring emails. With Flock’s webhooks, you can receive instant notifications for your app crashes, directly on your Flock group. This is made possible with the Flock service hook, which now features in the list of service hooks provided by Crashlytics.

In case you are wondering of long hours you’ll have to expend to put it all together, rest easy. It won’t take more than a few minutes.

First, create an incoming webhook by following the simple steps mentioned here and make a note of the incoming webhook URL that you get in the final step. Then, switch to Crashlytics for your app’s settings to find Flock in the list of available service hooks.

Just enter the Incoming Webhook URL that you received from Flock and click on Verify. If you get a message like the following in your Flock group, give yourself a pat on the back, as you have successfully configured the integration.

You can even fine-grain the level of crashes by setting the impact level that you should be notified for, via this integration.

That’s how easy it is to catch crashes and go an extra mile to create amazing experiences for your app users.

Have a great time!

-Authored by Ayush Jindal, Software Engineer at Flock