Wise words from my wise ol’ man

Most of us grow up wanting to be like our fathers. We tend to imitate everything — from the briefcase they carry to how they dress up for work. And they’re also the ones we look up to for all kinds of advice in life — personal or professional.

So this International Father’s Day, we asked our employees one question -

What advice did your father give you when you were starting out at the workplace?

Here’s what they had to say:

Yatin Sarbalia, Developer by Destiny

Yatin with his father and 4-year-old son

Yatin hails from a family that owns a textile business, and was expected to join and expand the enterprise. But our software wizard was always inclined towards computers, and his father, Naresh Sarbalia, knew this all too well. So when he turned to his father for support, he said,

‘Do what you love and love what you do’.

Yatin says that his father has contributed immensely to his success and still continues to be a great source of motivation. Now, as a father of a 4-year-old, Yatin believes in the same ideology and vows to give his son the freedom to choose his own path.

Raina Ziyatdinova, Marketing Maverick

Raina with her father and younger sister in Moscow

Raina comes from a city called Kazan in Russia. While she comes from a family that’s very practical and open-minded, her father didn’t have it that easy. Ramil Ziyatdinova was very young when he wanted to start his own business. But his parents insisted that he join the oil industry, which he reluctantly did. However, he didn’t want to pass on this legacy to his daughter. So, he advised her,

‘Never chase trends and money. Do what inspires you and gives you strength; you will surely succeed!’

Raina says that her father has always encouraged her to chase her dreams and she’s eternally grateful to him for this.

Priyanka Rohilla, PR Expert

Priyanka with her father and younger sister

While most dads help kids bag the right job, some go beyond and teach them how to manage their new found bounty — their salary! Right from the day that Priyanka got her first ever salary, her father, Som Prakash Rohilla, taught her the importance of saving money. He said to her,

‘It doesn’t matter how much you earn. Even from the smallest amount, there is a possibility of saving a small share.’

And that’s what Priyanka did. She’s glad that she followed his advice and built a security net for herself. She’s never bothered by those typical ‘month-end’ money problems, thanks to her dad!

Prajakta Adwait Malvankar, Design Trendsetter

Prajakta and her father

Prajakta comes from a family of people who believe in a simple, honest life. She says her father, Baburao Vitthal Dhuri, is a man of a few words and has taught her life’s most important lessons by showing the way. Here’s a gist of his life philosophy,

‘Be happy with what you have, but always strive to be better. Give your best in whatever you do and never consider any job inferior.’

Her father strongly advocates that satisfaction stops growth and innovation. On a lighter note, she reckons that this mantra works as an antidote for her lazy nature :)

Rodrigo Rigo, Programming Perfectionist

Rodrigo and his parents

Rodrigo comes from a small town called Santa Maria in Brazil. Rodrigo’s father, Alcir Rigo, served in the Brazilian army for about 30 years before retiring as a major. Rodrigo credits his father for teaching him a lot about discipline and time management.

But that’s not all. His father taught him to have a larger, more inclusive view of life and people. One of the important work (and life) lessons from his dad was

‘Respect people, independent of their social class, religion, and race. Never deny help to anyone, based on these characteristics.’

Rodrigo lives by his father’s advice and has made it part of his work ethic, for life.

There are so many more stories about how our fathers have shown us the way. We’ve done our job if we’ve inspired you to share your own unique story!

Here’s to fathers around the globe — Happy Father’s Day!

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