How Loop Giveaways Grow Your Online Business

Mila Pavlovic
Sep 30, 2019 · 5 min read

This is how IG influencers changed the game forever

Everyone who gives their time and effort on Instagram has dreamt of rising to internet stardom overnight. Love or hate our current beloved influencers, having such a big platform online surely is an amazing experience to have, there’s no way you can gain such a big audience overnight…right?

Well, with the help of our trendsetting queens of the gram, a.k.a the Kardashian/Jenner clan, we present to you the ‘Loop Giveaway’. As shown in the picture below, loop giveaways are contests that offer huge prizes but require you to follow an excessive amount of Instagram accounts in order to enter. You’ve probably seen or heard of the ‘tag your friends, like this post and share it’ shenanigans, but this version of a giveaway offers more quality rewards.

This growth hack is on the rise thanks to the IG greats, such as Kylie Jenner, Jake Paul, and Tana Mongeau, along with brands such as Architectural Digest, NastyGal, and PrettyLittleThing. Now, before we get into the juicy stuff, let’s see what these giveaways actually are and what they can do for your page.


Contrary to popular belief, this in no way, shape or form is a one-man show. Multiple brands and influencers are involved in this project in order to help attract new audiences and growth. As for you, the contestant, you are obligated to follow all profiles who are a part of the giveaway to become a ‘person of interest’. Usually, that number ranges between 30–70 accounts.

By creating this spider web of contestants and profiles, the participants can reach a much bigger audience while offering expensive prizes.

And by the way, if you’re not in on the tea, these loop giveaways were perceived as a ‘frowned upon’ way to grow in the early days. But thanks to Momager Kris Jenner and her powerhouse girl clan, the loop giveaway has become one of the fastest and smartest marketing moves today.

Let’s take Jake Paul and Team 10 as an example. They’ve hosted a $100.000 giveaway for all fans who wanted to participate. The rules are simple, all you had to do is follow all the people in @team10’s follower list and tag 10 friends in the comments. It took them 14 days to announce the winner, no harm no foul, right?

Taken from @jakepaul on IG

Tana Mongeau, Jake’s newly wedded wife, chimed in and uploaded a post of her own. where she explains the giveaway in more detail. The same contest can come from multiple sources, and even so, make the whole thing all that better.


Well, I’m glad you asked! We will make up an imaginary scenario in order to paint a picture of what these loop giveaways really mean.

Let’s say you came up to a company and asked to be a part of a Loop Giveaway that is just perfect for your aesthetic and brand. And before you ask, yes, different dates of different giveaways work better for certain accounts. For example, a cooking loop giveaway is on the 25th, which is perfect for all food profiles, while a beauty one is on the 30th. You get to choose which one works best for your page.

Further down the line, once you’ve entered all the information and wishes for your page, your profile will become a member on a very specific following list of a high-profile. Let’s refer to this high-profile as Mary’s page. Now, once Mary follows you and other pages that have entered the same giveaway, a very famous influencer will post the following picture and caption:

“Hey guys, I hope all is well with you! I am very excited to announce that THREE of my lucky followers will get a chance to win this beautiful line of clothing in this picture! No joke!


Go to Mary’s page and follow ALL the profiles they are following.

Come back here and notify me you’ve done it! It’s SO easy!”

Now that the caption is up and the giveaway is alive and breathing, depending on the price you’ve paid, you’ll be able to receive an insane number of followers within the next few days. All the profiles on Mary’s page will be followed by the influencer’s audience, in hopes of winning the promised prize.

Taken from @kyliejenner on IG

Once the giveaway is over, your account will continue to grow as the ‘word has already been spread’ about your content and page. The company wins, you win, the contestant wins, everybody wins something, which is the best part of this whole thing.

As the atmosphere on Instagram is getting more and more hazardous for its users, companies that have previously provided organic growth are slowly dying out, which creates a problem for a lot of online businesses and brands. This is exactly why IG Loop Giveaways are the next best thing! They are completely safe to partake in, as the results are 100% natural and promising.

And if you’re afraid of receiving the wrong kind of audience for your profile, well, that’s taken care of as well. As I’ve said previously, there are different giveaways for different kinds of profiles, but that’s not all. Once the giveaway is over, you will be left with 80% of perfectly targeted followers, while the remaining 20% is easily manageable. After the growth, make sure to stay active and post regularly, in order for that 20 % of wrongfully targeted profiles to see your posts and unfollow you naturally. This way, you will filter out your audience and automatically boost your engagement as well. You won’t just enhance the physical number of followers on your page, you will create a community around your brand, which is of course, better in the long run.

In conclusion, Loop Giveaways are your best option when it comes to organic and fast growth that will last you an Instagram lifetime!

Mila Pavlovic

Written by

Flock Social

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