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Mar 30, 2019 · 4 min read

Identifying Your IG Follower Persona — Easy Questions That Will Help You Get There

Being a part of something you genuinely enjoy is the main reason why social media was created in the first place. People want to belong somewhere, they want to connect with each other, however, the relationship between the individual and the brand itself can be a little hard to manage or even create. In order to locate your perfectly targeted audience, you must first discover yourself.

But where do I start, you may ask? Well, we’ve created a list of questions to help you highlight the most important aspects of your overall brand. And what does that do? It helps you create the perfect image through your own content, while attracting the right groups of people to your page.

Just think about it.

  • Your online image is the first thing people notice about your profile. Spending a little extra time to make sure your content is all set up and ready to post is the first step of IG growth.
  • Becoming a relatable influencer on IG requires original captions that will create a deep connection between your followers and the message that you are trying to put out there. Let your words create that relatability.
  • Last but not least, you need to know when your audience is most active in order to be sure they’ve seen and read all that you have been posting. Good quality captions and posts are not influential if they have not been exposed at the right time to the right people.

Now that we have our key points all figured out, it’s time to answer a couple of questions that will set you off to a great start.

  1. What is your product all about?

‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough’. Einstein had a point, you have to be sure in what you’re selling, whatever the product may be. The images, captions and everything that falls in between are supposed to be a steady ground for the concept of the product itself.

For an example, imagine that you’re selling a cosmetic product. Let’s make it out to be a face wash, eucalyptus maybe, a tall green bottle, best suited for oily skin, most likely vegan. We want to market that product in the best way possible, right? Let’s start with the most important key point — Who is the product for?

Relying on your already existing audience is a great way to start, however, you have to make sure that all the newcomers are 1. Interested in skincare or cosmetics, 2. Can afford the product in question, 3. Are fully informed about the product from your IG page or your website.

Now, let’s get back to another important question that we have mentioned previously.

2. What is your audience looking for?

Let’s go back to the cosmetics example. If your audience is looking for a face wash in the first place, they are looking for a product that will do the job for them. You have to rely on the quality of your product while making sure customers will enjoy using it. This may require incredibly reliable online ‘proof’ that what you’re selling is of good quality. This can be done through great content, captions, reviews and customer interaction. Talk to your audience!

Other than the plain obvious, your audience is also looking for aesthetically pleasing imagery of your product. A.k.a, a really good feed. Do you ever just stumble upon these really pretty IG accounts that are selling stuff you don’t really need, but their aesthetics are so gorgeous that you want to order, like, 58? Yeah, me too. Think about your overall feed, not just individual photographs. Make sure that all of them are aesthetically aligned with each other, almost as if they have a flow. If you would like to learn more tips and tricks on how to make your IG more aesthetically pleasing, feel free to read our blog here!

And what’s the last thing we need to be all set? That’s right folks, you’ve guessed it.

3. How are you going to attract the audience?

That the big one and the answer is pretty easy. Stalk your followers. Seriously. Stalk ’em. Go see what they did on the Summer of 2011 with their aunt Phoebe in Thailand. Hmmm.. What kind of content do they like? Easy. Just go and see what they’ve been liking every day. Double-check their ‘Following’ list for all the accounts that are similar to yours. Have you been missing out on something? Good thing you’re just a couple of clicks away from finding what.

You can also see what kind of hashtags have they been following. A little bit of #makeuphacks, perhaps? Or something along the lines of #howtoattractmorepeopletomypage? In any case, besides from being your follower, they might also be into interior design for all you know. Post a story about that every once in a while, or better yet, do a poll on which IKEA dorm room setup is better. They are bound to respond to a story that close to home. At least, that’s one way of engaging with your interior design geek followers.

In conclusion, this is not an overnight side project that you can just finish quickly and be done with. Getting to know your followers is a slow and steady process that will ultimately lead you to an amazing expancion of your name, brand or business. And who knows, you just might make some online friends along the way as well.

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Flock Social is the fastest growing Instagram management service.

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