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(2016 Update: I completely rewrote the presentation for Drupal North 2016, and we decided to record it as a screencast over at the Floe offices.

The impact of scale on workflow

Hello, hello.
An inspiration for many web design agencies
We will prove it to you
This is Eiji Toyoda. This man changed the world one Corolla at a time.

The Costs of Software Inventories

Think of product ideas as the raw material. Depending on your process, product ideas may go through several assembly line points before they are delivered as finished features to the customer:

1. A decision-making process (should we implement this feature?)
2. A design process (specs, whiteboards, mockups, etc)
3. An implementation process (writing code)
4. A testing process (finding bugs)
5. A debugging process (fixing bugs)
6. A deployment process (sending code to customers, putting it on web server, etc)

(PS No, this is not “waterfall.” No it isn’t. Is not. Shut up.)

In between each of these stages, inventory can pile up. For example, when a programmer finishes implementing their code (stage 3) they give it to a tester to check (stage 4). At any given time, there is a certain amount of code waiting to be tested. That code is inventory.

Sometimes November, sometimes September, who really knows? drupalreleasedate.com
Extremely variable demand and random service times create a FIFO queue at the Apple WWDC
What’s potentially uncool about this?

Going lean on project management and meetings

We’re making good progress here.
Someone’s high-tech kanban board

There’s more to learn

Read this book at the beach this summer



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