How does the Floodgate token sale work?

You’ll be able to invest using ETH or BTC via a tokensale platform

Why should you buy Floodgate Tokens (FLT)?

  • Ability to influence what’s popular and decide the value of leak information
  • Participate in the future of confidential leaking

Is there a cap on FLT sales?

Yes. The goal and cap for the pre-sale is 400 ETH equivalent, so including both BTC and ETH purchases. There is also a cap per buyer, at 500 ETH or 35 BTC. Obviously the cap per buyer is more relevant for the final token sale, which will have a soft cap of 16K ETH equivalent.

When can you buy FLT?

The current date for a limited run pre-sale is Sunday 20 August 2017 16:00:00 GMT, with a fully fledged token sale opening soon after the pre-sale closes.

How do I buy FLT?

Once the sale opens, you can visit where you can either buy anonymously online or via a smart contract (or if you’re too early you’ll see the countdown).

If you choose to purchase via the Smart Contract you will be taken to a page detailing direct contract purchases for the advanced user.

Convert and buy

If you decide to purchase anonymously, you will be presented with the token purchase page, enter the number of tokens you wish to buy (min 200 FLT) and select the currency you would like to pay in (currently ETH and BTC are supported on Click to continue.

Fill in these details and click Purchase

Enter the Ethereum address where you want your FLT sent. Do not use ENS or a wallet on an exchange, it will not work. Please take care when entering this address, as we cannot be held responsible for incorrect addresses or invalid addresses. Finally, record and confirm your secret ID phrase to proceed with the purchase.

You are given a unique payment address to which you must transfer the required amount within 45 minutes to complete the purchase.

Once we have confirmed your transaction, your FLT are automatically sent to the Ethereum address you specified.

For any questions contact us via our social media accounts: Slack, Reddit, or Twitter (preferred)