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A RGB cycle: Red alert, Green source, Blue resource. Tutorial: how to connect resources to the source?

Guilherme Meneghelli
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3 min readNov 7, 2021


Young leaders at Climate Strike . 5.11.21 . Glasgow

Johnny keeps walking, and you could say the same for Greta. Beyond COP26, it’s time to keep walking, with less alcohol and more consciousness. Beyond Johnny, Greta and the Walkers are talking loudly. Children seem to have the answers beyond the economic conversations from the Blue Zone.

The Scottish Police in front of the March . 6.11.21 . Glasgow

It’s time to embrace Johnny with Pacha Mama love. Some months ago Pope Francisco was asked about the Brazilian political situation, to which he declared: “Brazil has no solution, too much cachaça”. This statement motivated me to make a quick search, which led me to found out that the Pope is an avid wine lover, and absolutely ignorant when it comes to understanding what’s currently happening in our country.

Much like the Pope, a large part of the population drinks too much alcohol. There is no easy solution to this issue, for each situation requires different aproaches when it comes to saving the Planet. Brazil does have a solution, not in a simple, direct answer but in appealing to each situation’s sensitivity in order to come to a healthy resolution. It can be easy, but very complex too. Meanwhile, the kids are saying: “there’s no Planet B, so let’s study, listen more and stop blabbing around.”

Alice Pataxó before her speech at COY16 30.10.21 and Ninawá during the Climate Strike 5.11.21

Indigenous peoples have come to COP26 to create more than a Parallel Agenda; they bring ancestral intelligence, life, energy and an endless array of solutions worth listening to. To the Pope, Ayhuasca is known as the God’s Wine, the drink that is a portal to consciousness, an endless mirror unveiling the colonial wrongdoings imposed onto the native people of this world.

Extinction Rebelion . 6.11.21 . Glasgow

It’s necessary to reduce alcohol consumption, comprehend there’s no such thing as trash and adress the issue of fossil fuels.

Governments need to be support and aid in the economic transition of oil, diamond and gold companies, as it will be a big and impactful change. No more extracting resources from below ground, no more war between nations. There’s no other viable options.

Tibetans in front of Climate Strike March . 5.11.21 . Glasgow

Shame on China! There are a lot of solar power alternatives to produce new sources of resources, Cannabis producing incredible fiber, alternative fuel and the tools to solve many global issues in China that are not talked about. It’s a shame. China is destroying the planet, taking only in Brazil more than 70 trillion liters of water a year to sustain soy plantations, while having the solutions to a handful of issues, yet choosing not to share them with the world.

Ninawá and youth indigenous leaders . Climate Strike . 5.11.21 . Glasgow

Indigenous people are claiming in unity for the opportunity to connect their projects to resources, so that flowing solutions can be resolved directly to the source. 80% of the world’s biodiversity is in the hands of 5% of the population. Such biodiversity provides rich and multifunctional nurturing and necessary resources, with many more to be unveiled. It’s time to go deep within the collective spirit in order to find a new spectrum of solutions to keep walking.

Photos and Text: Guilherme Meneghelli for Floresta TV



Guilherme Meneghelli
Floresta TV

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