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Blessings from above

A teaching tale about seeking and finding truth

Floris Koot
Dec 9, 2019 · 3 min read

Once a large family lived on a hill side beneath a huge palace. They lived in a dark apartment next to a small courtyard. They all worked hard to survive. Yet lucky for them, often some edible leftovers fell from the palace into their courtyard. Regularly they found little silver moons in the rubble that brought a little extra fresh food on the table. So the father of the house had his children daily seek the floor of their courtyard for edibles and the little silver moons.

The father was a staunch defender of the rulers in the palace. Weren’t they lucky to live so close to the power in the land? See the blessings from above they got. And a child that grumbled anyway would be severely punished. Thus most children behaved, thankful for having food on the table. The youngest daughter however wondered about the silver moons. She asked her mother, were the silver moons truly blessings for their family? What else could it be? Her mother feared her husbands anger and suggested she better find out for herself.

The day the youngest daughter got to an age where she could take a job, she went to the palace and pleaded for work. At first they wanted to send her away, but she begged even more. She promised she would take any dirty work nobody wanted. Finally they let her into the palace and set her to work near the kitchens. How proud her father was, his daughter worked at the palace. Meanwhile she was eager to find out the truth about the little silver moons. But for a while she didn’t see anything that would explain her families blessings, just a lot of garbage.

Then after about a month she was sent to go up to the room of the princess. This turned out to be a huge ugly woman with a loud arrogant voice. She sat on a golden throne eating some grapes. With a large flubby hand, with silver nails, the princess gestured the youngest daughter to sit at her feet. She then put her fleshy feet in the daughters lap and demanded she clip her nails. The girl noticed all of her nails had been polished with real silver. And thus each clipping became a little silver moon. These the daughter had to throw out the window in the princesses room as dirty garbage, just like all the leftovers the princess didn’t want. Doing so, she saw the courtyard of her family down below. So now she knew the source of their blessings from above.

Comment of the Sage: This story has many clues about how power works.

Comment of the Fool: Free food from the sky seemed great. Then I wanted to rebel. Now I want to be the princess.

Floris’ Playground

Poetry, Short Stories, Experiments

Floris Koot

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Play Engineer. Social Inventor. Gentle Revolutionary. I always seek new possibilities and increase of love, wisdom and play in the world.

Floris’ Playground

Poetry, Short Stories, Experiments

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