Good Afternoon, Flourishers!

Our team at Flourishing Capital is extremely grateful for our loyal and supportive community. We would not be able to deliver the most comprehensive artificial intelligence-driven crypto portfolio management solution on the market today, without all the fundamental support each member provides.

This competition serves as a chance for our most loyal community members and users to get their hands on Flourishing tokens at exclusive prices and showcase their support for our AI.

How to Participate

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The Launchpad to Help Us Flourish

Good Evening Flourishers!

Today we are delighted to announce that Trustpad is conducting the official IDO and public sale for our token. Trustpad is our first choice of launchpad because of its proven commitment to safety and security. Further, Trustpad’s commitment to equitability through its guaranteed allocation-style offerings resonated with our core values.

Overall, we look forward to our valued community members receiving the safest, most seamless user experience possible through Trustpad’s public sale interface.

Stay tuned for more news regarding the whitelisting process for our public sale and other pertinent details!

About Trustpad

Flourishing Capital and Netvrk will collaborate to extend crypto market analysis to innovative virtual reality experiences and economic rewards. The strategic partnership to deploy unique virtual experiences, supporting the imagination and economic rewards for virtual world creatives..

Netvrk is an innovative social metaverse platform with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetize their creations. The Netvrk App Store provides the ability to make apps and experience them with others. Netvrk enables an unlimited number of unique, fully interactive virtual worlds. We offer new and endless interest in the virtual world with rapid consumer growth. Better…

Flourishing Capital is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Tokenomik Inc. At Flourishing, we created the most advanced AI portfolio management and insights solution on the market. It is an honour that Tokenomik believes in our technology and we are excited for the immense value they provide.

One look at Tokenomik’s portfolio provides enough evidence of the effectiveness behind their hands-on approach to helping projects develop from incubation to maturity. This includes investing in successful blockchain projects like Unido, XFAI, ReSource Network, EQIFI, Unifarm, PAC Blockchain, Project SEED, MODA, QDefi, Hypersign, Cirus and Gains. …

Good Afternoon Flourishers, it’s another beautiful day to let Flourishing AI trade!

Today we have exciting news; Flourishing Capital has entered a strategic partnership with Octopus Protocol. Therefore it is time for the Flourishers and the #Octopodes to band together!

What is Octopus Protocol?

Octopus Protocol is a profound and diverse DeFi protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain. Octopus enables equal opportunity issuance, trade, and management over decentralized derivative assets. Further, they facilitate mining, exchange, and settlement of synthetic assets in a new and much more economical way. …

Flourishing Capital will partner with UNIDO to deploy a decentralized custody solution to users of our AI-driven predictive volatility indicator.

We believe that the development of the cryptocurrency market has been extremely promising, but is in need of advancement in two very important attributes which the traditional finance sector has mastered. These particular weaknesses lie in the custody of cryptocurrency assets and sophistication of quantitative market analysis.

Where Flourishing Steps In

Flourishing AI was built to fill the gap, bringing the highest level of automated quantitative market analysis into the hands of cryptocurrency traders. Our AI collects over 20 gigabytes…

How it Feels to Trade in an Unstable Market

As a cryptocurrency trader, have you ever felt lost and confused among the mountains of FUD? Have you felt blindsided by an Elon Musk tweet or a news development that severely dropped your portfolio’s value? Or even felt paralyzed to enter the market because you are overanalyzing everything?

You are not alone; in fact, this is a common sentiment shared by many in the cryptocurrency space during uncertain market conditions. At Flourishing Capital, we believe that cryptocurrency is the future of finance, and yet at the same time, we acknowledge that trading crypto can be inherently volatile. …

Today was a day that bewildered our portfolios, said farewell to the weak hands and offered handshakes to the ones left standing. This was the day that Bitcoin decided to drop a knife from the peak of Mount Everest while we watched it fall to its trough. It was a tough day indeed. Bitcoin was a falling knife.

Bitcoin dropped 34% from it’s high. Eth dropped 32%. The average Flourishing AI portfolio dropped 5.9%.

Users of the Flourishing Capital Bot have statistically been able to prevent losses on their portfolios by using FAI’s deep learning blockchain analysis and high frequency…

Technology has always played a significant role for co-founder, serial entrepreneur, digital entertainment, and fintech industry veteran Will, going way back to age eleven and programming games was his hobby. We spoke with Will regarding his journey leading up to Flourishing Capital and his vision for the company.

How did you get started?

My inspiration for starting my own company came after working for Loopt founder Sam Altman. I started in games with Andrograde Arcade in 2008, developing the first online virtual currency and microtransactions platform to support their freemium games. …

We are excited to be featured on The Birb Nest, discussing our project and what the future holds!

The Birb Nest is a podcast that combines education and entertainment in the crypto industry, focusing on key matters within the blockchain world. Discussions range from investment strategies to gaining insight on new projects as well as upcoming trends and adoption news. These informative sessions are wrapped up cohesively in an entertaining form of short interviews, quizzes, and stories. The information they provide is educational and thought-provoking and we look forward to being a part of this movement.

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