Flourishing Capital Announces Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran as Strategic Advisor

We’re delighted to announce the leading Web 3.0 investment firm and project incubator, GD10 Ventures has recently come aboard with us as an investor and strategic partner. To solidify our partnership we have welcomed Gd10 founder Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran onto Flourishing Capital’s advisory board.

Over the last few months, GD10 and their team have put countless hours into strategizing, advising, and supporting the longevity of Flourishing. GD10 has made a huge impact on our vision, partnerships and business modelling. Deeban continues to advise on project spending, strategy, and long term viability.

GD10’s impressive portfolio, its wide network of influence and Deeban’s insights in this space have strengthened our position as we aim to become the leading artificial intelligence powered portfolio management platform. His success has helped him build many important connections across a broad range of blockchain and financial industries, and we’re confident that this too will play a key role in accelerating our growth.

During his scholarly years, Deeban was the recipient of 30+ prestigious national and international awards. He has a range of varying degrees and postgraduate diplomas from medicine, leadership and management through to psychology and education. His work is cited in policy papers worldwide, with his academic work focused at King’s College London. He is the founder of an expansive educational business and has a vast immediate network to support Flourishing.

We are beyond excited for this partnership and the value his guidance will provide Flourishing Capital with. You can follow him on Twitter and learn more about his personal achievements on LinkedIn.

About GD10 Ventures

GD10 is a Web3 investment firm that has supported some of the most promising projects to date. They have an impressive selective portfolio with over 50 tier 1 investments, with a highly experienced team that has held reputable roles across major projects.

Their unabating support of start-ups, in addition to having one of the most sought-after advisory and marketing firms, has led to a string of reputable successes, sustainable project growth, and token value stability.

GD10 Ventures focuses on projects that tackle particular pain points in Web3 and blockchain. Their goals are to navigate start-ups to mass adoption by leveraging their network of social media influencers, launchpads, large communities, exchanges, growth marketers, and strategic partners.

Recent investments include Ternoa, Sigmadex, ChainGuardians, Boson Protocol, Bondly Finance, Cudos, Star Atlas and more.

About Flourishing Capital

Flourishing AI has developed the world’s most advanced self-learning AI trading algorithm. It gives investors the advantage they need to mitigate the volatility in the crypto market with features like active blockchain monitoring, high-frequency trading, active portfolio rebalancing, automated arbitrage, and target price probability analysis. Unlike traditional bots, our AI doesn’t blindly follow market trends and overexposes your position due to unexpected fluctuations. Instead, it identifies early patterns of bull and bear markets and strategically enters a trade with pinpoint accuracy, based on real-time data.

Our team is made up of advisors and entrepreneurs with over 30 years of combined experience in industries such as digital assets research and development, payments systems, scalable platform deployment, and acquisitions at companies such as PayPal. We are certain that a partnership with GD10 Ventures will result in a fruitful relationship and one our entire ecosystem will benefit from.

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