Flourishing Strategic Advisor: Ian Friend

Today marks an important moment for the Flourishing Capital team as we happily announce that Ian M. Friend, Co-Founder & COO of Ferrum Network, has joined us as a strategic advisor. We have already reaped the benefits of Ian’s expansive knowledge and experience in blockchain as well as DeFi startups with his tireless efforts to advance the mass adoption of crypto around the world. Thus we are confident that his long and active part in the development of Flourishing Capital will be the perfect catalyst to help expand our platform to reach investors in new markets worldwide.

Early Career

Ian’s professional career began in 2013 as an associate attorney for the business law firm Pantano & Gupta, LLC Attorneys at Law. In 2017, he joined the team of 900 attorneys at the international law firm Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker with offices across the United States and London.

The Transition to Blockchain

Ian’s interest in blockchain technology originated that same year when he made his first Bitcoin purchase using Coinbase. It was then that he identified the many ways in which crypto could disrupt a countless number of industries and in early 2018, co-founded a blockchain practice team within his law firm. Not long after this, he took the bold step of c0-launching Ferrum Network and its first project, Kudi Exchange in West Africa.

As one of the industry’s most forward-thinking minds, Ian recognized the immense market potential that Bitcoin and crypto had in Africa, a continent that was largely overlooked by most big-tech entities. With the proper connections made and the right investors on board, Kudi Exchange launched to become a success and set the stage for other ventures such as Unifyre Wallet and the creation of Ferrum’s $FRM Token.

Ferrum Network is a ground-breaking platform that removes the frustration of exchanging digital assets from different blockchains or networks, with ultra-fast transaction speeds and low fees. The Ferrum ecosystem also features a project incubator with cutting-edge anti-bot and staking technology.

Striving Towards Mass Adoption One Project at a Time

Ian is largely considered to be a top expert in blockchain and crypto and has dedicated much of his career in this field to simplifying the common barriers investors and project developers encounter. His hard work in this regard is helping to reshape the global DeFi industry to make it more accessible and widely accepted.

He brings years of hands-on experience and a wealth of knowledge into every role he takes on, and we are confident the addition of Ian as an advisor will result in great things for Flourishing Capital and our community.

About Flourishing AI

Flourishing AI is the most advanced artificial intelligence, portfolio management, and insights solution in the market. The live platform supports portfolio risk-adjusted returns by combining deep learning inference, active blockchain monitoring, high frequency trading, active portfolio rebalancing, automated arbitrage, target price probability analysis, and early pattern recognition of bull markets, or bear markets, or unexpected market events.

Founded in 2019, Flourishing Capital (creators of Flourishing AI) is led by experienced entrepreneurs who’ve held key roles at Nvidia, Oracle, Gree, and Planview, with a combined three decades of experience in digital assets research and development, payments systems, scalable platform deployment, and acquisitions at companies such as PayPal.

By Humza Nasir — Edited by Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran and Mitchell Keller- GD10 Telegram Lead Graphic by Caelan Flemmings GD10.Ventures — Marketing division: enquiries



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