Meeting Eric Gonzalez — Co-Founder

Eric Gonzalez comes to Flourishing Capital leveraging years of experience in the tech world providing innovative, integrated and carefully crafted solutions for clients like Oracle, NetSuite, Aria. He has launched 3 startups and has learned to balance the challenges of growing sustainably and scaling operations to meet the needs of new market entry

I spoke with Eric about his inspirations behind FlourishingCapitalAI and how his dream was brought to fruition

What is your vision for FlourishingAI?

“Each innovation I have helped create has, at its core, aimed to provide both improved return on investment for capital projects and ease of use for humans. Accordingly, Flourishing Capital exists to promote Defi, bankless investment and funding using reliable blockchain big data analysis at its core, and making that available to all.”

How did you first come to discover the vast world of cryptocurrency?

I first dismissed crypto as a bit of a fad in the early 2010’s. Obviously, a big mistake I was determined to correct by jumping in and devouring all crypto market data available. I started to buy into the hype only to experience disappointment in token offerings because I couldn’t separate hype from insight (remember Sushicoin?) I was frustrated, and I realized to trade intelligently, I needed a simple, smart, and agile support system. We all do.

In the process of discovering shortcomings in the market, what were some valuable take-aways?

We Need Help Defining Strategy. Platforms (“bots”) usually enable crypto holders to automate strategies like stop losses, options, and much more, all in a slick interface. The problem is, I wasn’t sure what buttons to push. The thing is, crypto has the advantage of making all transactions public on the block chain. I needed a way to leverage that collective data to help me determine whether inflows or outflows would sink or swim token prices.

Algorithm self awareness is Rare. Once I caught the crypto FOMO bug, I started to look for reliable information on tokens but found a paucity of reliable data. I found way too much hype and backtests everywhere assuming current conditions continue in perpetuity. The problem is conditions never do, so backtests have little relevance, unless they match forward results. For that, your system needs to be self-correcting, learning from blockchain.

Strategy is Only as Good as a High Frequency Trading API. Innovative artificial intelligence at your fingertips, analyzing the blockchain course correcting in real time is amazing. However, many profit opportunities exist over a span of seconds. Humans can’t operate that quickly — we needed a high performance handshake with exchanges who can handle that sort of load. No one else has the HFT APIs and exchange commitments in place the way we do.

Fascinating, so how did you piece it all together to create FlourishingAI?

We couldn’t find a system with all three components — everything we looked at missed an essential piece of the puzzle. We then realized we could keep it for ourselves and bank profits, or provide a valuable service to the crypto community and profit anyway.

How did you and the other team members meet?

I’ve known Will for over a decade. Funny enough, we met since we were competitors at one point early in our startup careers. I came to know the other team members during the last two years, mostly coming from a shared observation that reliable, unbiased data is hard to come by in crypto..

Eric and the team at Flourishing Capital are focused on application of AI research to crypto portfolio management. In today’s digital revolution they are starting to rethink and recalibrate their approach to trading with the use of Fintech and blockchain as it will be completely revolutionized in the coming years. We are thrilled to see where it leads.

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