Meeting Will Perone — Co-Founder

Technology has always played a significant role for co-founder, serial entrepreneur, digital entertainment, and fintech industry veteran Will, going way back to age eleven and programming games was his hobby. We spoke with Will regarding his journey leading up to Flourishing Capital and his vision for the company.

How did you get started?

My inspiration for starting my own company came after working for Loopt founder Sam Altman. I started in games with Andrograde Arcade in 2008, developing the first online virtual currency and microtransactions platform to support their freemium games. I then moved into leadership roles at successful online game developers Gree and Kixeye before moving on to co-found Wicked Fun, a second game development studio backed by TenCent in 2013.

Everyone has a unique story that led them into the world of crypto, what is yours?

My interest in the crypto space came through my most recent work in applying my development experience for Nvidia; I began day trading stocks and mining crypto in 2016 before making the jump into day trading crypto a year later.

After the 2017 crypto bull run, I had amassed a sizable portfolio of crypto and needed an automated way to manage my own portfolio, though nothing of this nature existed at the time. I developed a high frequency portfolio management solution for myself, which I still use to this day. Due to overwhelming demand, I began slowly making a crypto advisory and high frequency portfolio management service available to others in 2019.

How can Flourishing Capital improve accessibility for a wide variety of individuals?

I’m aiming to bridge the big disconnect between retail traders and professional traders, which extends as far as causing a disconnect between centralized exchanges and DeFi and between restrictive regulation countries and non-restrictive countries. Flourishing Capital intends to dive straight into solving these issues affecting the nascent crypto market to create a fair and smooth crypto ecosystem by leveling the playing field.

There is an incredible amount of competition and with the constant evolution within this space, how will Flourishing Capital set themselves apart from the rest?

To achieve a more level playing field, FC is creating the first open crypto hedge fund leveraging high frequency trading, big data and cutting edge AI.

We also have the opportunity to connect DeFi to the centralized exchanges through the bridge service on their roadmap, giving retail traders and investors access to sophisticated financial instruments for advanced portfolio management and allows the company to build the world’s first crypto credit score backed by a non-personally identifiable ID.

For Will, the sky’s the limit and continue to be amazed by what him and his team bring to this space.



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