The Bitcoin market continues to demonstrate weakness in both price and on-chain, with prices fluctuating between a 3 month high of $64,789.27 and a low of $28,957.79. That’s a staggering drop of roughly 55%.

The obvious questions are threefold: how did we get here, how long will it last, and how do we spot an oncoming recovery?

To figure out the bear market’s lifespan, we’ll need to answer the question of what a recovery looks like. To figure that out, we’ll need to understand why the drop happened in the first place.

The current Bitcoin price collapse’s root causes can…

Good Afternoon, Flourishers!

Our team at Flourishing Capital is extremely grateful for our loyal and supportive community. We would not be able to deliver the most comprehensive artificial intelligence-driven crypto portfolio management solution on the market today, without all the fundamental support each member provides.

This competition serves as a chance for our most loyal community members and users to get their hands on Flourishing tokens at exclusive prices and showcase their support for our AI.

How to Participate

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Staying ahead of the volatile crypto market is a task that very few traders can master on their own. There are simply too many variables, like our basic human needs, that prevent us from being able to stare at our monitors 24 hours a day. That’s why we created the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence, portfolio management, and insights solution.

Unlike traditional trading bots, our self-learning AI is not limited to a specific set of trading rules which work only in backtests. …

Flourishing Capital and Volatility Protocol are announcing a strategic partnership to deploy real-time volatility feeds to Flourishing AI’s DeFi portfolio analysis platform, and to develop AI-powered volatility forecasts for popular DeFi assets.

The crypto market mirrors various attributes of fiat & legacy finance, yet is still nascent in the development of quantitative market analysis, particularly volatility determination.

Volatility Protocol provides robust real-time volatility index feeds for a variety of crypto assets. It acts as a money lego that, combined with other popular DeFi protocols, enables development of a wide range of novel volatility-based products. Their volETH Index is calculated using…

Today marks an important moment for the Flourishing Capital team as we happily announce that Ian M. Friend, Co-Founder & COO of Ferrum Network, has joined us as a strategic advisor. We have already reaped the benefits of Ian’s expansive knowledge and experience in blockchain as well as DeFi startups with his tireless efforts to advance the mass adoption of crypto around the world. Thus we are confident that his long and active part in the development of Flourishing Capital will be the perfect catalyst to help expand our platform to reach investors in new markets worldwide.

Early Career


The Dominating Sector of DeFi & Why It Needs to Evolve

Flourishing AI is the most advanced, deep learning, portfolio managing artificial intelligence on the market. Our mission was to disrupt the automated trading sector but we don’t want to stop there, we also have the tools and team to trailblaze the credit system.

The global lending and payments market thus far in 2021 sits at a $6.7 trillion USD evaluation and is expected to reach $7.6 tril upon the year’s completion. With the exponential growth in popularity of DeFi, lending in this space is currently valued at $17.8 billion…

The team at Flourishing Capital is excited to announce a strategic partnership with GD10 Ventures, a widely respected VC that has played a vital role in the success of many DeFi and Web3.0 projects from incubation to launch. Their impressive resume includes projects such as Modefi, ChainGuardians, Kylin Network, Ternoa, Sigmadex and Onomy among others.

GD10 has a strong track record of funding projects that demonstrate a high potential for sustainable growth. They implement a robust vetting process analysing the underlying tech, project fundamentals and team due diligence. …

Let’s face it, trading cryptocurrency is difficult and volatile; especially when compared to conventional stocks and Forex. While it can result in great gains, it also comes with unprecedented volatility that can capitulate even the most experienced traders. So naturally, investors turn to a solution; they turn to bots to manage their portfolios for them. As you will learn, Flourishing AI is NOT a bot, rather it is an intelligent, deep learning trading portfolio manager. Bots are stupid, annoying and ONLY work in a bull market. …

Flourishing Capital is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Tokenomik Inc. At Flourishing, we created the most advanced AI portfolio management and insights solution on the market. It is an honour that Tokenomik believes in our technology and we are excited for the immense value they provide.

One look at Tokenomik’s portfolio provides enough evidence of the effectiveness behind their hands-on approach to helping projects develop from incubation to maturity. This includes investing in successful blockchain projects like Unido, XFAI, ReSource Network, EQIFI, Unifarm, PAC Blockchain, Project SEED, MODA, QDefi, Hypersign, Cirus and Gains. …

Good Afternoon Flourishers, it’s another beautiful day to let Flourishing AI trade!

Today we have exciting news; Flourishing Capital has entered a strategic partnership with Octopus Protocol. Therefore it is time for the Flourishers and the #Octopodes to band together!

What is Octopus Protocol?

Octopus Protocol is a profound and diverse DeFi protocol built on the Binance Smart Chain. Octopus enables equal opportunity issuance, trade, and management over decentralized derivative assets. Further, they facilitate mining, exchange, and settlement of synthetic assets in a new and much more economical way. …

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