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Announcing our pre-seed round

We can finally pay our credit card bills

Over the past few years, easy access to investment products have enabled a lot of people to start investing. With access to investment products at their fingertips, everyone — even people with lower disposable income — will start investing. However, investing is still a complex and confusing process, with a steep learning curve.

With Flow Club, we want to revolutionize the way people discover investment ideas, meet their investment goals and build wealth, all with a reliable community to back them up.

It’s an absolute joy to partner with Antler India on this mission. Nitin, Rajiv and the rest of the Antler team have been game changers for us. They’ve been great soundboards and helped us think through our pivot. Founders of early-stage startups reading this should definitely hit them up.

We think that investing platforms have a long way to go towards being accessible to everyone and that social investments have a key role to play here. Every single day, we drool over the interactions and social constructs that we can build at Flow Club.

Sign up for early access at: flowclub.in



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