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Journeys through Art at Museum of Art & Photography, Bangalore

A year full of creativity in partnership with 200 students from 10 schools!

In 2017–18, Flow India designed and delivered 3 exclusive series on Creative Enquiry Art Programme centred around the collections of the Museum of Art & Photography, Bangalore. The new series of workshop in collaboration with MAP is called Journeys through Art.

Each of the 3 workshops introduced students to the history and practice of art across mediums (paintings, sculpture, prints, etc.) and across time (medieval, modern and contemporary). Using close looking and thinking games as strategies, the workshops build creativity, deep thinking, and self-reflection in the learners along with an appreciation and understanding of art and creative expression.

Starting in September 2017, Flow India designed and delivered a week-long engagement on the ever-fascinating theme of mythologies. With the exhibition theme on politics in October, students interrogated the complex relationship between art and politics and the ways in which image building strategies influence our perception of social realities. In the final series on the theme of personal, students discovered, debated and learnt about identity and the relation of the self to the others.

Here’s what the Museum of Art and Photography had to tell about our programme:

“Education is central to MAP’s mission of creating a dynamic museum that builds interest, awareness and knowledge of the visual arts. It has been a pleasure to partner with Flow India who are driven by a similar understanding of the need for greater arts education and outreach in the country, and have helped design and deliver some of our education programmes. It has been really great to see young people at these programmes have fun with art and experience how interesting and exciting it can be. Flow’s work with us has helped MAP begin building students’ capacities and interest in arts and culture using the rich and diverse collection of the museum, and we look forward to a continued association with them on our journey.”

Nathaniel Gaskell, Associate Director, MAP

Photo Courtesy : Museum of Art and Photography, Bangalore



Flow India is an education and culture organization with a human-centered design focus. We develop learning experiences that empower students with 21st century skills by making local cultural capital accessible and relevant to them.

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Flow India

Flow India


Flow India is an education and culture organization with a human-centred design focus.