Our climate resilience nonprofit planted a Tiny Forest in the Desert.

We’re stewarding 10-acres of land in Los Angeles’ High Desert. Here’s why.

Billimarie Lubiano Robinson
For Every Star, A Tree
4 min readMay 21, 2024


Our Promise to Donors

We will continue to grow this Tiny Forest until it is a 10-acre self-sustaining oasis. Donors — either as individual contributors, sponsors, or partners — will always play a key role in growing the Tiny Forest, and will be spotlighted as such.

You can look through our impact reports (2021, 2022, and 2023), see pictures from our Tiny Forest, or book a call to visit us and see our impact firsthand.

Our Theory of Change

Climate Resilience in the High Desert of Los Angeles County must include trainings, resources, workshops, and community access to a biodiversity hotspot and sanctuary. For Every Star A Tree has been stewarding and cultivating this oasis since 2023, and its key volunteers have been planting in this region since 2021.

Our Strategic Plan

We utilize authentic storytelling through social media to highlight our positive climate story.

The majority of our funding currently comes from donors who book an overnight stay at our 10-acre site:

The Starry Night Skoolie (Airbnb, Hipcamp)

Donors who individually contribute a plant to the Tiny Forest help us slowly extend our growth, as well.

Why We Exist

We serve our rural desert community by providing volunteer stipends ($25/hr) for labor, climate resilience trainings, and desert gardening workshops.

In this part of the High Desert, where residents are directly impacted by a lack of shelter and intense heat, survival through stewardship is what we offer.

What We Do

Our nonprofit, For Every Star A Tree, cultivates biodiversity and stewards abandoned land by planting native Tiny Forests, Pollinator Gardens, and Community Gardens.

We host workshops on natural building materials, tiny home living, and planting naturalized fruits and vegetables for high desert Food Forest farming.

Where We’re Going

Our goal is to steward 10 acres of land into a biodiversity hotspot, sanctuary, and oasis for both our local and global community.

Who Is Involved

We are 100% volunteer-led. Billimarie founded the nonprofit in 2023. Rashonda and Margie are essential board members.

Our advisors include Kei, Taylor, Shubhendu (Afforestt), Charan (EcoSikh), and others.

We also have a robust team of Tiny Forest helpers who are desert residents — as well as volunteers who drive up from the city. Families also enjoy spending time on the ecofarm to help with chicken chores, trash clean-up, and other gardening events.

How We’ll Get There

We balance scientific methodology with indigenous knowledge to cultivate and steward the land. Specifically, we follow Dr. Miyawaki’s “Pocket Forest” afforestation method, which has been taught to us by the Afforestt Institute. This method ensures plant and tree survivability by:

  • grouping together plants in close proximity
  • choosing native Californian plants
  • utilizing a 100 square foot radius for planting

This method guarantees a self-sustaining forest ecology within 1–3 years, depending on plant maturity.

When We’ll Be Done

Our original goal, “10 acres in 10 years,” has been adapted to the realities of desert living.

We are confident that by finding the right partners, donors, grantors, and funders, we will finish stewarding our Hi Vista site within 1–3 years. This is dependent upon securing the right number of resources (compost, soil, water, irrigation tools, and solar for ~9 acres).

In the meantime, we plan on slowly but surely sustaining our efforts through our Tiny House bookings — an essential part of our Strategic Plan.