Our Tiny Forest in the Desert is blooming.

We planted two 100sqft forests in the middle of the Mojave. Here’s an update on how our desert forest dream is doing.

Billimarie Lubiano Robinson
For Every Star, A Tree


California Flannelbush from the Tiny Forest in the Desert.

Pictures from the Tiny Forests

Flowers are blooming. Trees are sprouting.

Our Tiny Forests in the desert are truly little miracles.

Here are some shots from both our KG Forest (generously sponsored by KG Ventures), and our Guru Nanak Sacred Forest (generously planted by EcoSikh and Afforestt):

Native California plants from our Desert Miyawaki Forest.

Inspiration outside of the desert

Last week, I went to Philadelphia with my daughter and a close friend.

We were able to meet with people who have been supporting our Desert Forest dream from the very beginning: