Single Sign On (SSO)

Single sign on is a single key to multiple resources or locks on a platform. Similar to a google account can access all of google products so is a FlowAccount account can access multiple products and services from the Single Sign On (SSO).

We choose to use .NET core for the development and the identity server provioded by the framework is at it’s 4th implementation. Here is the github link.




FlowAccount is Thailand’s leading SaaS company employing a young and vibrant team of over 90+ people and are backed by global investors which includes Sequoia Capital, SBI Investments, Golden Gate Ventures, Beacon Venture Capital, Money Forward and 500 Startups.

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Wick Takkar

Wick Takkar

Hi, you can call me Wick. I am a technology enthusiast. I have been spending my 15 years innovating products with new and upcoming technologies.

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