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2 min readDec 18, 2018


Last week, I committed the public beta of flowchain-hybrid v0.2.0 about the development of the Flowchain Network. For the first time, the beta demonstrates a Live Video streaming system through Flowchain Network and the IPFS mining nodes.

Since 2017, Flowchain has attempted to implement a blockchain that can provide a distributed ledger technology for the IoT and AI. Lately, Flowchain proposed the virtual blocks technology that can ensure chunked data (data streams) transactions in a near-instant manner. Such a technique can benefit the current IoT industry.

Furthermore, the virtual block technology can integrate with IPFS to act as an off-chain to transfer your digital assets from one trusted party to another. Flowchain shows the capability of such real-time data stream transactions by using Flowchain Ledger and the emerging IPFS technologies.

The latest public beta released the flowchain-hybrid project which is a fast and light-weight hybrid node that can mine FlowchainCoin by participating the computation jobs. Accordingly, it is also the hybrid consensus node across the Flowchain hybrid blockchain network that connects to the public blockchain and provides the puzzle and λ values shown in Flowchain’s academic papers to the private blockchains.

For more information about Flowchain, please visit Also, we are now inviting developers to join our public testnet started on January 20, 2019. Please fill out the application form to be in touch with more information.

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