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Flowchain Foundation Announces the Latest Whitepaper of its Exclusive IoT Blockchain Technology

Flowchain Foundation is proud to announce the latest white paper of its distributed ledger technology. The new whitepaper describes an apparent reason for Flowchain technologies to existing in IoT blockchain firms.

The latest paper describes the Flowchain distributed ledger technology (DLT), the Flowchain digital assets (FLC), and the Flowchain IoT solutions. Also, developers can anticipate full knowledge of algorithms and the design.

Flowchain’s vision is to adopt the blockchain technology and use it to create significant value by connecting the two areas of “Artificial Intelligence” and “Internet of Things” that are not highly correlated and highly specialized. What Flowchain wants to build is not just a blockchain technology, but a new blueprint for the future of IoT and artificial intelligence about a revolution of “AI + IoT.”

To achieve the vision, Flowchain provides a new hybrid blockchain technology of Data Privacy and Trust for existing IoT industry ecology. The whitepaper also explains the methodology to implement the vision, and give a detailed review of its algorithms.

For download the whitepaper v3.0, please visit https://flowchain.co/publication.html

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Angelina Huang, PR & Marketing Manager





Flowchain is the distributed ledger technology that required by the IoT and AI dapps built upon peer-to-peer IoT networks and ensures real-time data transactions.

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