Le Retour des Déportés Prompt #25

Lutetia Hotel in Paris, France, Interzone00, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

She stands on a precipice
unmoved by
the passage of time.
Small glimpses of glamor
create the illusion
of a snapshot of civility.

Thin passageways
are membranes
of resistance
shrouded in memories
recorded on slides
showing secrets of the past.

Contrasts of war
with the defiant return
of twenty thousand souls
from the depths of the camps.
She embraced each one.

of humanity
the revolving door
spinning ceaselessly
through the ages.

Each turn
reflects the silence
of a different time.
she stands
filled with spirits
herself a ghost.

When I discovered that Paris used to be called…

Celebrating Easter as our world is born again

Photo by Johnny McClung on Unsplash

Easter 2021 is the Easter of the ages because we are not only celebrating the rebirth we celebrate yearly, but we are celebrating the rebirth of our planet, following a year of death, chaos and destruction.

There is nothing we can do about our rebirth. Our old world has passed away, whether we like it or not.

A new world means a new us.

Beliefs vary widely regarding the birth of our Easter traditions. But these beliefs all have something in common.

Whether the word Easter started with Eostre — the goddess of fertility, or the word alba that became…

Philosophical free verse

Image by Sebastian Flegl from Pixabay

Who are you really? But a mere reflection of who you think you should be? When your blood runs freely with no explanation from you, does it ask your permission?

You are everything you dream about and everything you hope for. You are, yourself, an embodiment of all that you pray for and everything that you fantasize about. In every thought, every dream, and every word spoken by you, you are stepping past yourself as you wander in search of that which you are. Stop searching.

Your consciousness reflects your true nature and your mind reflects what you have been…


Lessons from flowers

Photo by Abishek Subba on Unsplash

These are the flowers of inspiration,
They inspire me with their beauty,
The love of my friend on this platform,
Where else would I find a poem
Dedicated to me on my birthday.

Dear Holly, I am thankful to you.
For your love, presenting this poem,
The Hill That Stands Alone, to me,
With the beautiful purple flowers,
On the advent of the first day of spring.

I join the purple with the pink,
In a sweet gesture of friendship,
Extend my hand and thank you,
The flowers may live for a short while,
They fade and leave behind a fragrance…

Recognizing your habits will help.

by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay

It’s easy to get into a routine when you’re in a committed relationship.

When you first meet someone, everything is new and interesting. The sex is exciting, and it feels a bit dangerous.

After you are together for a while, it’s common for partners to get a bit bored, especially if you fall into regular sexual habits.

Trying something new isn’t always about sexual positions. Maybe it’s having sex at a different time of day, or in a different location.

If you take the time to dress up for your partner you can add a bit of interest and excitement…

Everyone wants to be used — the circle of life

created by author

I was talking with my mom yesterday as we headed into the store.

She said, “Makes you feel useful,” in a positive tone.

I stopped and looked at her before responding. My interest was no longer in what we were discussing. It was just those words — they hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Makes you feel useful”

They did that thing where the simplest form of a sentence just hits you in some profound way, out of nowhere.

“Yes, you are so right, Mom. Everyone wants to be used!” I said.

She looked at me funnily, as I…

Flowers of Inspiration

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