Sweet Leaf Marijuana — Flowhub Customer Stories

Customer: Sweet Leaf Marijuana
Headquarters: Denver, Colorado
Employees: 400+
Locations: 12+
States: 3
Favorite Feature: Standardized data and the NUG™
Uses Flowhub Retail, Grow, and Connect™

Flowhub® is an enterprise level cloud-based supply chain software platform that allows highly regulated businesses to automate processes and report data to government agencies automatically.

“Sweet Leaf uses Flowhub, a point-of-sale software that automatically reports to the state’s cannabis-tracking system. At the company’s retail stores, employees can scan the barcode from customers’ IDs and immediately update their information, speeding up the check-in process by about 70 percent. And because the software tracks plants from seed to sale, it also provides helpful data on strain yields.” — High Times July 2017