Marco Knitel
Nov 19, 2018 · 4 min read

We often get asked what the difference between us and many of the well known form builders like Typeform and Formstack is. Here’s the breakdown.

Form Builders

Those include Typeform, Google Forms, Formstack but also Jotforms, Zoho Forms, Wufoo etc etc. For a complete list check out this page. Most form builders do pretty much the same thing and most do it quite well; they allow users to build nice looking forms in a form builder. The output is often sent to Google sheets, .csv or via an API.


  • Most Form Builders are simple to use (especially those of Typeform and Formstack)
  • Great for simple forms
  • Typeform in particular, generates simple clean and mobile friendly forms
  • Focus on data collection/entry
  • Data is easily accessible


  • They’re designed for data collection that doesn’t require much context. A Typeform is great to ask for feedback after an event, but less suitable for a driving school application process that consists out of various steps and requires more ‘handholding’ of the user.
  • You either complete and submit a form or you don’t. You can’t save your data half way nor can you continue at a later stage on a different device. Some form builders allow partial data saving’ but the process to do so isn’t very user friendly.
  • Most modern Form Builders do generate mobile friendly forms but they don’t allow you to seamlessly switch from one device to another. You often end up entering the same information or you just quit. This is an issue when you need to upload photos of the damage to your car for example.

Example use cases for form builders: questionnaires, event registration and other single page forms.

Flow Builders

Flowmatik specialises in ‘flows building’. Flows are similar to multiple page forms but focuses on providing context and handholding.


  • Flow Builders are designed to build multi page flows. For example, on the first page you ask for contact details. On the second page you pick the type of issue (e.g. damage vs theft) you want to report and on the third page you upload the picture of the damage. Yes, you could do this with multi page forms but it quickly becomes hard to navigate.
  • Once you start the flow your progress will be auto saved. You can set a reminder SMS for users that get stuck halfway. They can continue simply by clicking on the link in the SMS or e-mail. No clunky ‘save & resume later’, it just works.
  • In flow device switching. We all experienced this; you need to upload a photo of a document but you’re working on your laptop. You take a photo on your phone, e-mail it to yourself so you can upload it. With Flowmatik you can complete a flow from multiple devices at the same time. Just hit the button “Continue via mobile” to receive a link that brings you to exactly the same spot as you were on your laptop.
  • Flows allow for re-engagement. Users get stuck or drop off, that’s human. With Google Forms or Typeform there is no option to remind users to complete their forms. With Flowmatik you can send emails, SMS to remind users to complete a flow boosting conversion.


  • It takes slightly longer to build a flow than a basic form.
  • Price, flows are a much more advanced product that directly increase conversion so pricing will be slightly higher. The cool thing is, all features work out of the box. You don’t need expensive ‘add ons’ like with Formstack.
  • Once your users have experienced Flows they might not want to go back to static forms… ;)

Example use cases: application processes for (driving) schools, sign up flows, permit requests, quotation process, temp worker onboarding sign up flows.


If you just need single page forms, go with one of the many options out there. However if you want to build slightly more complex flows and want to delight your users with some cool features such as ‘seamless device switching’ and automated completion reminders; give Flowmatik a try. The best thing; the beta version is free :)

Try Flowmatik for free here


Build and maintain higher converting user signup flows in minutes instead of weeks. Let our AI platform optimise your flows.

Marco Knitel

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Motto: Deliver while having fun. Founder of Flowmatik, previously @Uber. Passionate about sailing and skiing.



Build and maintain higher converting user signup flows in minutes instead of weeks. Let our AI platform optimise your flows.

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