Marco Knitel
Aug 28, 2018 · 2 min read

OK this is a bit of weird one as this article is written by me (Marco Knitel, Flowmatik’s founder). But rest assured I’ll give you an objective overview. We as a company also don’t build everything from scratch, you probably also don’t. We use for our little chat application you see on the bottom right. We love it, it’s lightweight and fit for purpose. We also use Calendly to book demos and Stripe to handle our payments. We could have built the majority of those tools ourself but why would you? It aint’s core business nor are we experts at it.

When to build:

  • If you have a lot of database connections — for example when the sign up flow contains many database requests like “request car part XYZ from this database”
  • If you’re a retailer that want to integrate a mobile shopping experience. Although Typeform is showcasing such a function here I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • If you know your business will be constant for at least 2 years
  • If your business doesn’t allow for a hosted SaaS solution
  • If you have at least 1 top notch front end and 1 superstar back end developer available for around 3 weeks. For example building this flow with all it’s validations etc would take 2 persons around 3 weeks to build.
  • If you don’t really care about statistics on where people drop off or get stuck in your flows.

When to buy (Flowmatik):

  • If you use Salesforce, our output can easily be stored in Salesforce
  • If you want to run A/B tests on your flows and want to answer questions like “What amount of upfront payment should we ask” or “Should we ask users to book trial before we ask them their billing address or vice versa”
  • If you want actionable data on where to optimise your flows
  • If you expect your business will require modifications to the flows
  • With the same subscription you can create multiple flows, ideal when new side project like a ‘event registration tool’ is required or your HR department wants to build a ‘new employees onboarding flow’ (example here). Zero additional costs, set up in minutes.

Pro tip: You can always build your flows in Flowmatik, have them operational for a couple of month and tweak them and than decide to build your own.

Interested in giving us a try, here some options:


Build and maintain higher converting user signup flows in minutes instead of weeks. Let our AI platform optimise your flows.

Marco Knitel

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Motto: Deliver while having fun. Founder of Flowmatik, previously @Uber. Passionate about sailing and skiing.



Build and maintain higher converting user signup flows in minutes instead of weeks. Let our AI platform optimise your flows.

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