As a successful business, keeping up with your sign up flows might be the last thing on your mind. After all, once you have some customers signed up, it can seem like a done deal. But the truth of the matter is that sign up flows are, just like all technology, an ever-evolving system. Flowmatik helps you with the constant task of keeping your flows current and catchy, improving the conversion and reducing the dependency on developers.

Marco Knitel
Aug 24, 2018 · 3 min read

A lot of user sign ups appear straight forward

What does your flow look like right now? Is it engaging or interesting? When you go to a webpage and see sign up flows, are you intrigued enough to sign-up?

Uber, for example, has its customers sign up so that they can request rides or even request to have food delivered to them. This type of sign up flows is relatively simple as the customer only has to supply personal information and is set to go, whereas supplier (ie. Uber drivers, AirBnB houses etc) sign ups require more information and a different strategy altogether.

Supply side Sign Up Flows are more complex

The second most common type of flow is the ‘supply’ sign up flow. With Airbnb, the supplier is the person renting out their space to travelers. The relationship that the supplier has with Airbnb is different that than of the end user, which makes the sign up flow process also different and more complex. Take cultural differences or legal differences, for example. With Uber, you would need to ask future drivers different type of documents per country or even per city. These nuances make it very complex to develop and maintain signup flows. Regardless of how complex it can be to sign up the suppliers, businesses like Uber or Airbnb would not exist without them.

The most common mistake you should prevent

The biggest issue that businesses who use flows will run into online is the ability to keep up with the changing business.

Every online companies has made changes to it’s business in the last 12 month. Most of those changes have not lead to updates in their sign up flows because it was too complex to do so and the ROI of making the change was unclear.

The internet is a continually evolving mechanism, so while a business might have successfully created flows for the original platform of the business, it can quickly change. Look at Airbnb again. It started as a site where travellers looking for a place to crash could connect with others who had a couch available. Now, the website has expanded to include entire houses, apartments, and even vacation rentals and activities.

Just as websites evolve and change, the flow needs to be able to evolve along with it. This is where Flowmatik comes in.

A Solution

Flowmatik is designed to save businesses both time and money by maintaining and updating flows by means of a visual editor. Not only is it cheaper to utilise Flowmatik, it is far faster than relying on developers to keep up with the needed steps. Flowmatik allows you to quickly build high performance flows that guarantee anywhere from a 10% to 100% ppt uplift in conversion. Through Flowmatik’s innovative optimisation, your flows will be maintained and improved, from A/B testing the color of a button, to precision timing of reminder emails. This level of flow quality is accessible to all businesses, not just the biggest players. Improve your customer conversion and satisfaction by utilising Flowmatik’s brilliant solutions today.

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Build and maintain higher converting user signup flows in minutes instead of weeks. Let our AI platform optimise your flows.

Marco Knitel

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Motto: Deliver while having fun. Founder of Flowmatik, previously @Uber. Passionate about sailing and skiing.



Build and maintain higher converting user signup flows in minutes instead of weeks. Let our AI platform optimise your flows.

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