Marco Knitel
Aug 21, 2018 · 3 min read

Why I started Flowmatik

When I joined Uber early 2013 the company was around 250 people and in most cities we only had one product; “Uber”, luxury sedans and one button in the app. We had drivers and riders and things were pretty clearcut. Riders downloaded the app and signed up in seconds with their name, email and phone number. Drivers went to and signed up by filling in a one page signup form.

However things at Uber got complex quickly

In the following years we launched UberBLACK, UberLUX, UberVAN, UberMOTO, uberPOOL and uberX across multiple cities and many languages. This is when stuff got complicated; different products and cities required different documents. Experienced taxi drivers (like UberBLACK) needed less handholding than let’s say uberX drivers. Drivers are key in the success of Uber as are houses on AirBnB and taskers on Taskrabbit. We also developed additional products like car leasing, ability for non licensed drivers to become licensed via a driving school etc.

When Uber Eats became real, things got even more complex

Just when I thought we nailed the so called ‘driver onboarding flow’ we launched Uber Eats. In most European countries Uber Eats couriers deliver by bike or moped… Our onboarding flows were built around drivers and their cars, not couriers on bikes. We also started to to onboard ‘restaurants’ which was a totally different ball game altogether and we had to start from scratch.

This is when I decided to launch Flowmatik; world’s first platform dedicated to the management of registration flows aiming to increase conversion and to reduce the need for developers.

These are my 5 ‘lessons learned’:

  • Companies evolve faster than custom built onboarding flows can be modified
  • Engineers rightfully shouldn’t spend too much time on working on ‘one off’ customizations
  • Local variations exist and will always do
  • Suboptimal onboarding flows are costly due to high drop off rates and increased cost per acquisition
  • It’s too expensive nor core business for most companies to invest in self built flow management tools

Note; I had a great time at Uber. I feel privileged working side by side with the most talented and friendly people in the world. During my 5+ years, every day I left the office with more learnings and energy than the day before and couldn’t wish for a better employer. The only reason I left Uber was to pursue this new venture “Flowmatik”, making great flows accessible to everyone.

On a personal note; my personal goal is to build a company and corresponding culture where people experience the same level of enjoyment, learning opportunities and personal growth as I was allowed at Uber. My motto: Deliver while having fun!

Interested in giving us a try, here some options:


Build and maintain higher converting user signup flows in minutes instead of weeks. Let our AI platform optimise your flows.

Marco Knitel

Written by

Motto: Deliver while having fun. Founder of Flowmatik, previously @Uber. Passionate about sailing and skiing.



Build and maintain higher converting user signup flows in minutes instead of weeks. Let our AI platform optimise your flows.

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