Building the Cureyo Bot on Flow XO

This article was put together by Cureyo and explains how they built their health related bot on Flow XO’s platform.

Cureyo is a treatment collaboration platform. Cureyo instantly connects its users to experienced MD’s/specialists and let’s them seek consultation for their health queries.

What does the Cureyo platform do

Patients can speak to top experts who are specialists that have 25 years or more of experience, book lab tests where they are connected to the top pathology labs in the country and it’s all done at a time and place that is convenient for the patient.

Tracking medicine intake and receiving reminders according to the prescription as well as reports that are generated for the user/doctor to access the progress are also provided by the Cureyo platform.

You’re also able to track food intake to monitor your diet and set up consultations with a panel dietitian if further diet assistance is required along with exercise assistance that will be tailored to the patient’s medical condition and tracking.

You can set up health goals and the platform will chart a plan that involves constant hand-holding through tracking diet and fitness assistance, periodical reviews, consultations and feedback loops so that you can get on track. This is ideal in situations such as those where the diabetes level should be controlled within the next 8 months.

Why did Cureyo want to use a bot?

We felt that in a highly connected but stressful world, where health generally takes a backseat, we wanted to simplify healthcare by having a friendly health assistant that uses messaging, which you can carry in your pocket.

We provide individual attention to each patient. Because a lot of the communication with patients is over email or WhatsApp, which added a personal touch, it was natural to move to a bot that would be able to automate the process using a chat assistant.

We wanted to create a healthy ecosystem that would allow patients to track their own health as well as track their loved ones using the “Enroll your loved one” feature. Using a bot on a social platform would enable users to engage more easily creating a friendly and supportive health ecosystem.

We wanted a system that could be proactive rather than reactive, a system that could recognise the need beforehand through continuous daily monitoring that would take into account allergies, medical conditions, fitness, diet, medications etc, because we believe that health care shouldn’t be a knee-jerk reaction to a medical event but rather a ritual to stay healthy and these features can be achieved easily and automated using a bot.

Why Flow XO

Bots allow users to interact with services as if they’re sending a message to another person. They’re simple to connect to, and live right where millions of users already spend a lot of their time, inside messaging apps. Flow XO is a complete platform for building, hosting and managing bots.

The contributing factors to our decision to use Flow XO as the platform to build the bot on, were the ease of use, intuitive structured flows that allowed us to easily develop the conversation logic and the large number of available integration services (90+) that makes the platform significantly flexible.

What the Cureyo Bot Can Do

We wanted a bot that was able to carry out the services that our platform offers such as booking consultations and lab tests, tracking diet, medicine intake and exercise as well as discussing health issues where the bot diagnoses your possible medical condition based on the answers provided by the user.

In addition to this we also wanted the bot to let users upload their prescriptions and reports and share weekly/monthly reports based on the user data.

How the Bot was Built

Using a combination of API’s such as Zoho, and own API, we were able to build the MVP bot on Flow XO’s platform.

The flexibility of the Flow XO platform allowed us to include features that weren’t a supported bot feature. We were using Messenger’s carousel feature before Flow XO had introduced it as a feature.

The complexity of the conversation, given the nature of the business, was challenging to implement and the speed of the Flow XO platform did hamper the customer experience because the long waits whilst moving through the sequential steps made the chat assistant appear slow.

Although the time that it took Flow XO to update features was impressive, we did face issues when the bot responses were not as quick as we would have expected.

Clever Features of the Bot

The bot built by us is an entire ecosystem on Facebook because patients can book online (phone or video) consultations and lab tests using the bot and doctors are notified through Messenger for those consultations and the consultation can be started right there in the same chat.

Patients can also receive reminders for the their medicines/lab tests that they are able to enter as well consultation follow-ups via Messenger. Tracking the patient’s medication adherence and providing weekly/monthly reports for both patient and doctor as well as any other interested relative/loved one (with appropriate permission) is yet another clever feature of the bot.

The bot provides 5 star healthcare! It not only lets you manage all your healthcare needs at a time and place that’s convenient, but that’s also super simple. It can easily connect the user and the specialist. We’re making healthcare personal, convenient and effective.

In the future, more healthcare services will be able to be accessed from the comfort of your home, making medical care more convenient. Cureyo will become more intelligent with more accurate information and in turn, will improve your healthcare. For us, Great Health is just a message away!

More information about Cureyo’s bot can be found at the Cureyo website and you can chat to the Cureyo bot on Messenger now.

You can build your own bot on Flow XO by signing up for the free plan. 5 bots/flows and 500 interactions are free every month, and paid plans start at just $19.