Introducing the new Flow XO Web Messenger & Widget

At Flow XO, we can see the future clearly. Let me paint a picture (stay with me)! 😀

Visitors land on your website. If they have questions, they start an interaction with you through the channel they prefer. That’s either by messaging directly there on the website, or connecting via messengers such as Facebook Messenger (especially if they’re mobile).

That interaction is mainly automated, partly human. It depends on what the customer wants and needs. No matter where they choose to interact, it will work the same. There is no contact form. There is no live chat. There is only one option, a guided interaction with the business that takes the visitor to precisely what they need.

From the businesses point of view, this works too. All channels work the same (easier to control, manage and tweak). The AI and automation is economical. Most importantly, the black hole of a contact form is replaced with the warmth and immediacy of an interaction that marks the start of a relationship.

So today we launch our website widget and messenger, to finally make this vision a reality. The new Flow XO Web Messenger is an embeddable chat interface that enables any visitor to message you directly from your website or web app.

The widget embeds a simple little control on your site that lets the visitor see the various messengers that you have a presence on (now including web) and connect easily.

What’s really great about our new messenger is that it’s ‘just another channel’. Simply create a web bot, paste the code onto your website and your web messenger will work exactly like your other bots in Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS or Telegram. It supports cards, images and shortcuts. Flow XO has always worked hard to be truly cross-platform (it’s important for businesses), and this is no exception.

In addition to these 2 brilliant new features, we’ve also just unveiled a much simpler and more powerful Broadcast Service (to replace our Push and Feeds Services), and are bringing you a revamped set of templates to help you to put a useful bot together faster than ever.

We feel this is a pivotal moment for our product. There is no better way to build a messaging strategy for your business or brand. You get over 100 integrated services (and many more coming next year!), cross platform support that ‘just works’, our unique web widget, the awesome new Flow XO Messenger, business-grade customer support, and reliable infrastructure.

No other platform on the market offers you all of this, and we have tons more features, channels and services in the works too.

You can start with Flow XO for free (includes the web widget and web messenger), or get more on our standard plan starting at $19 (including removing the Flow XO branding on the widget and messenger).